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Chapter 4: The Abandoned Factory

From what the local militia have gathered from the previous days is there's at least one tunnel from the banks of the river into Wati, under the wall. It was being investicated by Ptemenib before he disappeared this evening, presumably he was following a lead. Gaffee Bale knows of this.   It is the remains of a large tunnel, large enough for a small boat to go through. it is hidden well in the grasses along the banks. sediment has filled in most of the tunnel, but still gets flooded by the river. someone has at some point dredged it. it leads 100 feet into the dark before arriving in a pool within a building. this was a cargo enterance to the brick factory.   The remains of the factory are a few brick columns, low brick walls, and 8 large kilns (lines of 4 with ramps curling at either end with one end higher than the other) back to back with less than a meter spacing between. From the top, the Kilns are empty; picked over years ago for any bricks it had contained, The great lids, which would have survived the fire, have been cracked and chipped by years of looters climbing into the Kilns. The smell is pretty bad and not just from the undead as the factory loading area has flooded refuse several times over the decades. Slopping around by the kilns, are fresh looking zombies.A shuffled trail through the refuse shows that the dead have been flowing through the factory and out through the tunnel. The Zombies here all wear some silver chain and have died, not of claw or bite of undead, but by blade.   Scrounging in the bottom of a Kiln, the player can find the connecting flue to the fuel box below. It’s a tight squeeze and an athletics check, so you don’t get stuck, but the players can go directly to the firepit.

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