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The Tower of the Mirror King

Created by walrosswalross
This Building towers high above the roofs of Northgate City. The top of the tower shines in a silver light that serves as a beacon to travelers in the country and on the high seas. It is the seat of the so-called Mirror King, a powerful Wizard and ruler of the kingdom of Ehos. For many centuries, the Mirror King has ruled from his high throne, but nobody knows his true face. It is said that the ruler fears nothing more than death, and that immortality is his ultimate goal.The ancient legends of Ehos say death comes only to those whose faces he can see through the eyes of the living. So it happened that the wizard killed all those who knew his face, even friends and family. He wrapped his body in white robes and hid his face behind a mask. A mask, so they say, made of pure silver. A featureless face, polished to reflect those who gaze upon him, so the Mirror King got his name.   The wizard has been reigning over Ehos for over 400 years, longer than any human could ever live, and some residents of the kingdom see this as proof that their ruler had triumped over death and blind themselves to be his personal servants in the tower. Others say the king is an imposter or even an undead, but anyone who rebelled openly against the Mirror King found a cruel and brutal death.   Maybe the day comes when death arrives to face the wizard, maybe the goal of immortality was unattainable, but maybe death sees only itself and is thus finally defeated ..

Purpose / Function

Seat of the Rulers of Ehos but also a lighthouse and beacon due to its shining light.


Over the years, only minor changes have been made to the interior of the Mirror Kings Tower. The Outside of the Tower however is still in its original state, and seems to be immune to decay and time itself.


This tower was built over two thousand years ago by the dwarves' stonemasons. The white marble blocks rise 170 feet, and it is said one would need more than 100 grown men to enclose the round base of the tower. The surface of the tower seems smooth as a pond on a windless day. The only windows are almost at the top of the tower, where the throne room and the chambers of the Mirror King are located.   Most striking, however, is the top of the tower itself, a dome made of magical glass, inside of it a crystal. This crystal shrouds the ocean and the land of Ehos, in a smooth white light over many miles. Some believe the crystal is a fallen star, others believe it is the heart of an ancient dragon, who gave it to the people of Ehos as a gift. Whatever the truth may be, this tower has served as a beacon to travelers and sailors for generations, and to the rulers of Ehos as a throne seat and home..


Built by the dwarfs in gratitude to the righteous kings of Ehos for their assistence against their foes. The marble comes from the Cold Mountains in the north. The dome of magical glass was crafted by the most powerful Mages and is said to be nearly indestructable. The origin of the crystal, however, is lost in history.
Alternative Names
Crystaltower or White Beacon (by the Dwarfs)
Tower, Mage
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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