WorldEmber 2021 Pledge Document

Table of Contents
I, Kaleidechse, pledge to write 10,000 words of new worldbuilding content during WorldEmber, following the plan below.

My Personal Goal

I will write about the Op family in the aftermath of the Final War because I want to make progress towards my practice video game "Nonfi Nis - The Empty Night".

Character Stubs

Op Vaha (543 words)
Op Akos (542 words)
Op Ninu (578 words)
Op Ures (457 words)
Op Etru (595 words)
Op Urem (591 words)
Op Kohip (426 words)
Ut Revi (586 words)

Location Stubs

Shelter of the Op Family
Shelter of the Lo family
Path across the Border
*insert article block here*
*insert article block here*
*insert article block here*

Other Stubs

Rilanga School System (547 words)
Rilanga Union (775 words)
Rilanga (616 words)

Useful Prompts

These will help me flesh out the stubs above, especially when it comes to giving all the different characters their own quirks.

Hobbies and Relaxation

a game that requires clever strategies and which at least two of these people play together
a socially-acceptable drug comparable to alcohol and tobacco

Daily Life

Which vehicle did they use to get to the shelter? Is it still working well enough to get them to the Lo shelter? (1032 words)
Which currency did the Rilanga use? How much money did the members of the Op Family make? How expensive was the shelter? (608 words)
What do they take for granted before moving into the shelter? Heating? Water purification? (629 words)


used by Urem when disapproving of his sister (446 words)
Bent Nose
Tradition / Ritual | Dec 10, 2021
a cherished memory for one of the married couples
Etru was involved with an apprentice maintainer, which her family did not approve of because they considered him below their standards... (742 words)
A Lowly Maintainer's Letter
Document | Dec 29, 2021

Apparel and Accessories

something that they could not bring along, or which runs out during the story
the clothing style of the young generation
wrist watches worn by members of the family

Additional Ideas During WorldEmber

Rilanga Cuisine
Kiv Mingumisel (604 words)
Rilanga Academic Education (594 words)
inspired by Serukis' question, see Rilanga comment section
because I needed their home city for the Op family's character articles
Kiv Mingumisel
Settlement | Dec 26, 2021
necessary for disentangling the characters' personal history
Rilanga Academic Education
Organization | Feb 15, 2022
Ed Obla (377 words)
Kef-Endu Attack (459 words)
author of the love letter mentioned above
Ed Obla
Character | Dec 29, 2021
the event which prompted the Op family to retreat to the shelter
The Attack on the University of Kiv Mingumisel
Military Conflict | Jan 1, 2022
Primary Articles
Auxiliary Articles
Additional Articles
Submission to Special Categories


Week 1: Pledge
Week 2: Prompts
Week 3: Images
Week 4: Release Plan

Things To Do

Organize Christmas Vacation
Finish That One Paper
Try To Clear Out Notifications
Reset Stub Dates

Project Primer

Introduction to "Nonfi Nis - The Empty Night"
Generic article | Jun 28, 2021
Nonfi Nis - Navigation
Generic article | Oct 12, 2021


Existing Images

Newly Prepared Images

General Inspiration

Article Release Plan

Before Publishing

  • add (placeholder) images
  • add a "related reading" section
  • add author's notes

After Publishing

  • put the article block in the overview here
  • write a short summary for the notification
  • notify followers
  • tweet about it

Weekly Summary

  • post a journal with that week's articles
  • choose the favorite thing I wrote during the week
  • take a moment to review that one article and make it pretty
  • share it on Reddit
  • share it on Discord

Engaging With Others

  • check the Discord at least once per day
  • read at least three articles per day
  • comment on at least one article per day
  • curate a list of cool articles that I read

Submissions to Special Categories

Tradition: Reflection Ball
Character: Ut Revi
Settlement: Kiv Mingumisel
paint wooly bee
Technology: Water Purification
Document: A Lowly Maintainer's Letter
Military Conflict Attack on the University
Item: Ulga? Wrist Watch?


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