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The Attack on the University of Kiv Mingumisel

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A Kef-Endu attack near the end of the Final War which caused a high number of civilian casualties.

The Conflict


On Tugrunoma 4 of the year 1 NZR, the Rilanga Union had launched a large-scale attack on several cities on the outskirts of the Ran-E-Zu Confederation.   About a month later, the University of Kiv Mingumisel invited Do Lezam, a member of the High Senate and a driving force behind those attacks, to give a talk in front of its students.


On the morning of Guztinoma 28, the Ran-E-Zu military dispatched a total of eight Kef-Endu to the carry explosives into the main auditorium hall of the university. Campus security and Do Lezam's personal guards managed to intercept three of them.

The Engagement

At 17:26, in the middle of the talk, several explosives detonated within the main auditorium hall. Others blew up near support structures surrounding it.


There was little time to warn the people inside the building, let alone evacuate them. As a result, Do Lezam and his personal guards were killed in the detonation, along with a large number of students, teachers and other university personnel.   The main auditorium building was severely damaged with large parts collapsing upon the people inside. Several nearby buildings were shaken, causing windows to break and walls to crack.


The university had to shut down all teaching activities in order to stabilize the affected buildings and collapse the ruins of the main auditorium building in a controlled fashion.
Bomb Attack
Included under Conflict
Battlefield Type
Start Date
1 NZR, Guztinoma 28
Ending Date
1 NZR, Guztinoma 28
Conflict Result
target dead
high amount of collateral damage
University of Kiv Mingumisel closed down


Rilanga Union

Led by


1 unarmed politician
16 personal guards




give a talk at the university
University of Kiv Mingumisel

Led by


128 members of campus security
18753 students, of which 349 attended the talk
194 teachers, of which 67 attended the talk
712 non-academic employees


35 members of campus security
217 students who attended the talk
38 teachers who attended the talk
459 people near the main auditorium hall


an almost normal day at the university
Ran-E-Zu Confederation

Led by


8 Kef-Endu
4 handlers


5 Kef-Endu


kill Do Lezam

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Author's Notes

After mentioning this event in several character articles, I figured it deserved an article of its own. What are your thoughts on it? Anything else that you would like to know?

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