Summer Camp 2022

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I, Kaleidechse, pledge to earn Copper during this year's Summer Camp. Though my energy may be low and my spare time may be limited, I will make room for the project that gives me life.

My Mini Meta

This Year's Project

My Goal

I want to have a closer look at the cultural background of Calyrra Ontéró and Yerrechin Inauron. A lot of stubs and unwritten ideas have accumulated in that area, and this looks like a good opportunity to take care of some of them.

My Motivation

During the last year, I've been focusing a lot on Ranul, and I'm currently low on inspiration for the "Nonfi Nis" project. I hope that taking a break and shifting my attention to a different species and culture will help me refresh my brain and recover that creative spark.



I will focus on the eastern side of the continent Gysuphun as well as the ocean and the island chains that separate it from Pereqaian territory.


I will look mostly at the present time, but also dig into the history of the Nimýric Empire. Focus points for the latter include the travels of Malórin the Explorer, the attempts of expanding towards the east and the establishment of ROCHIM.



The science fiction elements are subdued here, making it more similar to medieval/early industrial fantasy. ROCHIM deals with otherworldly elements while other characters are mostly concerned with mundane stuff like trade agreements and political alliances.

Recurring Themes

  • Prejudice versus Curiosity: The conflict between wanting to explore and not wanting to have one's beliefs challenged.
  • Individuality versus Uniformity: How are people treated when they don't fit in? What are the consequences?


Landscape Images


Vélyphola Desert
Southern Forests
Eastern Ocean
Eastern Continents


Somewhere in your world setting, describe
— Janet
dot dot dot
— Dimi

Copper - Expanse

The Vélyphola Desert springs to mind - a natural barrier in the middle of the Nimýric Empire's territory, yet little more than a name so far. Which is still more than I can say for the ocean east of Gysuphun...    
1) an ocean, desert, plain, pocket dimension or other large expanse
2) a religion or organization connected to a natural phenomenon
3) a species that survives in an unlikely place
4) a vehicle or type of vehicle used for long journeys
5) a settlement beside or in a great expanse
6) a material only harvestable from nature
7) a culture who lives by, near or within an ocean, desert or other expanse
8) a food that marks a rite of passage for a culture in your world
*insert article block here*

Silver - Leadership

Possible candidates are the current Imperial Couple, the priestess of Saphéne mentioned in The Invasion of the Sunset Valley, and ROCHIM's head scientist Paranéa Kóryó. I could also look at the monarchs of various Nimýric kingdoms, or whoever rules the Duchy of Lavéma.    
9) a settlement that leads the known world in something
10) a military conflict resolved through excellent leadership
11) a building associated with governance, leadership or change
*insert article block here*
*insert article block here*
12) an organization associated with governance, leadership or change
13) a profession associated with leaders in your world
14) a title that commands respect from those in the know
*insert article block here*
*insert article block here*
15) a tradition or ceremony which confers an honor on someone
16) a great leader of their people
*insert article block here*
*insert article block here*

Gold - Discovery

There's Malórin traveling to the south of the continent, the "Dawn Seeker" expedition to exotic lands beyond the sea, and ROCHIM tracking down things that are incomprehensible to the general Nimýric public. Calyrra is involved in astronomical research that attracts ROCHIM's attention, and Yerrechin is investigating what he believes to be a big conspiracy.    
17) a settlement that was lost or discovered
18) an astonishing natural wonder
19) a recently discovered, or rediscovered, species
*insert article block here*
*insert article block here*
*insert article block here*
20) a lost or discovered artifact of significance or power
21) a technology lost, forgotten or shrouded in mystery
22) a lost or discovered monument
*insert article block here*
*insert article block here*
*insert article block here*
23) an explorer, researcher or other character motivated by discovery
24) a travel log or other document associated with discovery
*insert article block here*
*insert article block here*

Diamond - Monstrous

Despite all their lofty, civilized ideals, the Nimýric Empire does not go easy on those who deviate from what is considered normal. Depending on which side you ask, the term "monstrous" can apply to either the Nimýrité in focus or the people and beings that they encounter.  
I will not be able to do any prompts from this wave.

The last week of July is reserved for a different event - one for which I'm really hyped because Ť̴̼h̸͖͝e̶̬̔ ̴͉̌P̷̜̊l̶̥̈́a̸̹͠g̷͖̈́u̷̮̐e̸̦̊ prevented it from happening in the last two years.

That said, I'll keep this theme in mind while working on the other prompts.

Total Articles
8/24, without Diamond
Copper Articles
Silver Articles
Gold Articles

3D scenes
Historical Entries

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Writing Schedule
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Stubs to Reset
Things to Keep in Mind
New Year's Resolutions


Writing Schedule

high priority - reserved for writing
medium priority - try to write if the mood fits
low priority - write if there's nothing else to do
no priority - unplanned writing urge

Copper Wave

Fri 1stuntil 23:00
Sat 2nd11:00-12:00
Sat 2nd16:00-20:00
Sun 3rd11:00-12:00
Sun 3rd16:00-20:00
Tue 5th21:00-22:00
Wed 6th21:00-22:00
Sat 9th11:00-12:00
Sat 9th13:30-16:00
Sat 9th17:00-20:00

Silver Wave

Sat 9th21:30-22:30
Sun 10th9:30-11:00
Sun 10th11:00-12:00
Sun 10th16:00-17:00
Sun 10th17:00-20:00
Sun 10th21:30-23:00
Tue 12th21:00-22:00
Wed 13th21:00-22:00
Sat 16th11:00-12:00
Sat 16th18:00-20:00

Gold Wave

Sun 17th9:00-11:00
Sun 17th11:00-12:00
Sun 17th18:00-20:00
... and then I'll focus on my other summer plans.

Support Network

I'll turn to the WA Discord if I get stuck, and share my articles there once I've submitted them.

Additionally, I will share my progress on Twitter in a dedicated thread.

Stubs to Reset


Énéphavos Palósas
Paranéa Kóryó


Duchy of Lavéma
Ondalin Observatory


Main Observatory Building
Vélyphola Desert



Things to Keep in Mind

New Year's Resolutions


"Think of the ripple effects that a concept has on its environment. Examine the interactions between resources, philosophies and behaviors. Explore how these cultures deal with issues that are controversial on Earth."


"Pay attention to intermediate stages of a product or a species' growth. Examine concepts through the eyes of different groups or individuals. Consider the evolution of things and practices over time."


"Dig deeper into the cultures' literature and visual art. Choose fitting quotes to illustrate articles. Don't be afraid to use rough sketches."


Relevant Flags and Crests

Other Existing Images

New Sketches

3D Renders


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I have my outline from the homework together but need to get moving on my article. Looking around at what everyone is sharing first. Good luck!

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