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Rilanga Academic Education

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Higher education available to Rilanga citizens.



A Rilanga university or dulgopuz was divided into many different faculties. Each of these so-called midigu mi bongo focused on a set of topically related fields. Said topics formed departments or dendit mi bongo (literally, the "topic pillars") within the faculty and each one was taught by an academic teachers or duluztu.

Teaching Board

A subset of the university's duluztu was responsible for overseeing and coordinating the teaching activities. They usually had several years of experience with leading their own dendit. Tasks of the degeste mi duluztu included resolving topical overlaps between the dendit, identifying gaps in the covered topics and developing guidelines for the level of proficiency that a graduate needed to display.


The Teaching Board answered to the ipiz mi dulgopuz who was the official leader of the entire university. The latter was mainly responsible for employing the duluztu, distributing funds for the teaching and research efforts, and overseeing the university's public relations.   An additional hierarchy of secretaries supported the overall organization, passing on information through the different structural levels and taking care of anything that was not directly related to teaching.


Basic Degree

Studying for a basic degree or libu simpu took three years. During that time, students (called dulged) earned the essential qualification for their chosen profession. A small research project concluded this phase.

Advanced Degree

Dulged who wished to specialize further could enroll for advanced studies which took about two years. These typically focused on a special topic within their chosen field, and a more in-depth research project was required to graduate. People holding an advanced degree or libu rudebre usually were eligible for higher-ranking positions in their work place, and including positions which focused on research and development.

Teaching Degree

The highest qualification that could be earned at a Rilanga university was the academic teaching degree or libu mi duluztu. People wishing to become an academic teacher had to spend at least three years assisting an established duluztu in giving lectures. During that time, they were required to develop their own lecture based on a research topic of their choice.


Academic education was a requirement for most professions that focused on mental work and also provided a higher income in general. Consequently, graduates enjoyed a better reputation than people whose job emphasized physical labor.   People studying for the same degree tended to bond closely and form support networks that often translated to useful professional relationships later.
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Dulgopuz mi Rilanga
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Rilanga Academic Teacher

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Another article necessary for figuring out my characters' timelines. I fear I've found a major snarl in Vaha's and Akos' personal history, so hopefully this will help me untangle it.

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