Mapvember 2021

Here I will list everything that I create for Mapvember 2021.

Prompts and Ideas

Somewhere in your world, describe...


1) a bridge that connects two important places
2) a throne room, palace or seat of power
3) a tradition that takes place behind a screen
Council Hall - Main Hall


4) a cupola or dome-roofed building
5) a building known for its stained-glass art
6) a building or landmark infamous for its locks
Main Observatory Building
some building in Western Redo-Iv?


7) a building known for its number of ladders or steps
8) an important material, item or trade good stored in barrels
9) a military base defended by cannons
a watchtower in Ondalin?
EMP cannons on the Securer headquarters?
the Forbidden Island base?


10) a famous library
11) a laboratory or place of science and academic pursuit
12) an inn or hotel famous for an excellent night's slumber
a library in Ondalin, maybe associated with the observatory
Dome Room layer
the inn next to the Constellation Café


13) a prison or zoo filled with cages
14) a workshop that creates an important common item
15) a royal or municipal garden or arboretum


16) a communal hall of gathering and lively conversation
17) a military mess or organization's cafeteria
18) a cemetery or a mausoleum where coffins are buried


19) a hospital or other place of medicine
20) a famous public room or chamber
21) a (super)natural source of radiation, light or heat
the medical station of the Securer Headquarters?
the public hospital of Western Redo-Iv?
the hospital of Ondalin?


22) a dock, trade port or naval base
23) an insectoid species known for its drone behavior
24) a famous body of water - ocean, sea or river


25) a machine or mechanism important to daily life
26) a plant species which grows seeds in a pod
27) an altar for a religion in your world


28) a dangerous location difficult to escape
29) a large cliffside or dangerous drop
30) a bay known as a place of hospitality or entertainment
the interrogation room?
a mountain face near Ondalin?
the bay where Di-Palu goes to relax on the beach
Table of Contents
Focus area(s)
Western Redo-Iv, primarily Zakidema
14 of 30 prompts done
Additional maps
Auxiliary Articles

Prompt Maps

Securer Headquarters of Western Redo-Iv
Inauron Radio Workshop