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Harnessed Crystal Fire

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The use of fire crystals as a power source was a scientific milestone for the Rul.  


Controlled Combustion

After the invention of the steam engine in 105 NZR, the fact that combustible plants and fossil fuels were a limited resource on their world made the Rul look for alternatives.   In 98 NZR the first attempts were made to control the explosions caused by the volatile pivoki. These involved slowly drilling a narrow hole into the surrounding rock to expose the crystals within to a limited amount of oxygen. Some of these experiments ended with the rock crust cracking open, leading to numerous deaths and the destruction of valuable equipment. However, when the hole was drilled carefully enough, the reaction could be limited to a comparably small, long-burning flame.  

Vacuum Cells

Another major breakthrough was the development of airtight vacuum containers. By removing the air from the workspace, it was possible to completely remove the rock crust from the reactive crystals. Those could then be encased in glass containers with a valve to control the airflow, making it possible to release higher amounts of energy without risking an overreaction.    



Heat Source

The most common use in civilian technology is to heat up air or water with the released energy. Besides using the heat itself, this also makes it possible to convert the stored energy to electricity via moving turbines.  

Energy Rays

The emitted energy can be focused by using mirrors and lenses, creating directed rays of intense heat, light or other radiation. These rays have become a wide-spread tool for cutting or welding materials. SInce they are also robust to refraction, they are often used for precise measurements.  


Just like the photons from Larevok transfer kinetic energy to Ranul's tectonic plates upon impact, photons released from pivoki cells can push a vehicle forward. For this purpose, many cells need to be lined up and apply this effect over a large area, to prevent any one cell from releasing too much energy at once.  


The ability to control the energy output of these crystals makes it possible to weaponize the crystals in a reliable manner. Regulating the airflow allows the user to determine if and when an explosion will take place. Energy rays of different diameter and intensity also see frequent use in rayguns.  

Laws & Regulations

In Rilsu society, the use of vok pigmumi is regulated by law in order to limit the risk of accidents and abuse for criminal purposes.  


The legal amount of vok pigmumi stored in a device depends on its application. The crystal size is generally limited by the power that is plausibly required to run the device, which is why industrial or institutionalized applications are less restricted than those intended for consumers. The Securer Force, in contrast, is authorized to use considerably higher amounts of energy.  
Consumer Industry Securer Force
Mobile Devices 128 Wh 256 Wh 512 Wh
Heavy Machinery --- 1024 Wh 2048 Wh
Vehicles (per 800 kg)1024 Wh 1024 Wh 2048 Wh


After the Final War, the creation of weapons with a blast radius of more than eight meters was outlawed. It became equally illegal to intentionally leave out or damage filters around the crystal which block harmful wavelengths such as x-rays or gamma radiation. Exceptions to this rule are granted for certain medical or industrial applications, but only after a strictly regulated approval process. That said, only the Securer Force is authorized to officially weaponize vok pigmumi.

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Vok Pigmumi

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