Eastern Hechalic

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The dialect common in the eastern duchies of the Kingdom of Hechalis.


The basic vocabulary is the same as in the regular Nimýric language. One notable quirk is using the adjective "tek" (meaning "similar") in place of the preposition "ný" ("like") when comparing one thing to another.

Common Phrases

Greetings and Farewells

These are mostly subtle variations of general Nimýric greetings. Of note is the blessing "much light to you", which goes back to the times before the Church of Saphéne became this kingdom's official religion. Scholars believe it references the lack of light in the dense forests of Hechalis and the dangers it is tied to.  


Many Hechalic idioms center around the flora and fauna in this kingdom, or nature in general.  

Insults and Curses

Negative thoughts on a person's behavior or character are expressed in an indirect manner, as is typical for the Nimýric culture. In a similar vein, curses are phrased as hoping for unfortunate events.  


Hechalité tend to pronounce the non-accented "y" of the Nimýric language similar to "i", especially at the beginning of a word or name.
Root Languages

Geographic Distribution

Referenced Concepts


  • Méntosó: a winged, scavenging insect
  • Nolcobin: a tree-dwelling rodent with long ears
  • Daó: a carnivorous mammal which hunts in packs
  • Bontiba: a tall, omnivorous mammal which lives in dense forests


food and drinks

  • Bygeó: a hot beverage known for its invigorating effect

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