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A fruit with a velvety surface and sweet, spongy flesh.


Material Characteristics

The fruit is oval, with the shape being more rounded near the stem and more pointed on the opposite end. The velvety skin shows an irregular gradient from a warm yellow to a dark pink. Anlómané from mature trees are approximately 8 cm long and wide, but slightly flattened sideways. There is a prominent indentation where the stem emerges.   The pale yellow flesh is soft and spongy. It turns harder and greenish towards the center where the kernels are arranged in two circles around the central axis.

Origin & Source

Anlómané grow on deciduous trees which are named after them. They are mostly cultivated in orchards.

Life & Expiration

Fresh, unprocessed fruit can be stored for about 1 - 2 weeks before they begin to spoil. They continue to ripen after the harvest, and unless they are claimed by mold, they will start to ferment. This makes them sickeningly sweet and alcoholic.

History & Usage


These fruits have been a food staple long before Nimýron the Benevolent was born and have been cultivated since the dawn of the Nimýric civilization. Over time, several subspecies were tailored to different environmental conditions, allowing for anlóma farming in large parts of Gysuphun.

Everyday use

The fruits are used in a wide range of food products. Besides being eaten raw, they are a popular ingredient for pies and other pastry, as well as several savory dishes. Fruits of lower quality are turned into jam and chutneys, or squeezed for juice which can be further processed into alcoholic beverages.



Raw fruit is preferably stored in dry, dark and cool places. To preserve them, they are usually dried, candied or baked.
easily affordable
sweet and fruity
warm yellow to dark pink (skin)
pale yellow (flesh)
Related Species

Cover image: by Kathrin Janowski


Author's Notes

This fruit was among the first bits of worldbuilding that I came up with as a teenager. About time that it got its own article!

And yes, I intentionally named Il-Arka's second-in-command after it. I want to see the look on the Securers' faces when Calyrra starts talking about Ycalla's diet. >:)

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The fruit reminds me of a cross between an apple and a peach---oh, if I could find a fruit like that, I'd be a happy camper---I think it's time for another pie. I enjoyed the illustrations. :)

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Yup, apple and peach are exactly the fruits that I based this on. I'm glad that you like the art! ^^

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