Grenadier Models Inc. of Springfield, Pennsylvania produced lead miniature figures for wargames and role-playing games with fantasy, science fiction, and heroic themes between 1975 and 1996.    Grenadier Models Inc. is best known for their figures for TSR, Inc.'s Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game, collectible Dragon-of-the-Month and Giants Club figures, and their marketing of paint and miniature sets through traditional retail outlets.   The company began as a basement enterprise, but by 1983 it had grown to a staff of 50 people and had the third-highest gross sales in the expanding gaming market.    Grenadier's sculptors included John Dennett, Janine Bennett, Julie Guthrie, Robert Watts, Nick Lund, Mark Copplestone, Michael Daley, Sandra Garrity, Bob Naismith, William Watt, and Ian Symonds. Grenadier closed its doors in 1996, but many of their products remain in production by companies in the UK, Italy, and the United States.   ~Source

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Wargame and Roleplay Miniature Figure Production


Founded by Andrew Chernak and Ray Rubin.


In 1996 the molds and sculpts were purchased by STratelibri, their distributor, and transitioned into Mirliton S.G.

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