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Textile Dust Enchantment

The one crucial weakness of Dust-based warfare is how perishable Dust is. Once activated, the bullet/grenade/crystal unleashes its potentials and then dissipates, reducing itself to its base elemental components and being re-absorbed by nature. There's no recovering or recycling Dust because its crystalline structure cannot resist its own power.

Over the centuries a number of advancements were made to compensate for this structural weakness, allowing Dust to be used in engines and weapons for prolonged period of times. Of this, an interesting but eventually abandoned idea was imbuing clothing with Dust to tap into its elemental powers: Textile Dust Enchantment or TDE.

All technology aimed to make a quantity of Dust last longer is focused on imbuing an object with the properties of a Dust Crystal -e.g. an anti-gravitational engine works by imbuing a series of plaques with the properties of one or more Weight Dust Crystals-. TDE aimed at unleashing, aiming and controlling the full power of Dust through a complex array of the material imbued in clothing and activated by Aura. The process was one of the many side-experiments in the development of Hunter-Grade clothing and strictly combat-aimed.

If it, indeed, showed to be successful in its aim of unleashing the full power of Dust without compromising the integrity of the array, TDE was ultimately considered a failure because of the unavailability of suitable materials to fashion clothes out of. No enchanted garment has ever managed to reach the projected amount of uses for its Dust Array, getting destroyed much earlier and placing its user in jeopardy in the destructive event.

"An interesting attempt at tackling scarcity of Dust, deemed unreliable after the Great War and unsurprisingly buried once the Schnee Company started supplying all of Remnant with cheap Dust. Still, if the ghost of scarcity ever surfaces again..."
~Dr. Enrico Polendina
Access & Availability
TDE has had a short life in the limelight. It never managed to reach the widespread use that would have justified further research and after the Great War it rapidly fell into disuse.
The process was one of the many side-experiments in the development of Hunter-Grade clothing and strictly combat-aimed.


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