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Fallen Angel

It was due to Man disobeying Father and consuming fruit from the forbidden tree, that I am like this now. Man was created from the "Dust of the Earth", he has an unbreakable bond to it. When they took into themselves the knowledge of the Abyss, they didn't just taint their bodies. Through that unbreakable bound they transferred that taint to every corner of the Garden. It's so polluted that simply letting ones toe touch the earth will cause them to forever lose their Divinity.
— Dardariel, Fallen Angel currently working for The Institute
  Fallen Angels are the result of Angels that come in contact with the "Dust of the Earth".   Fallen Angels have lost all divinity and are basically human aside from a few differences.

Basic Information


Fallen Angels look exactly like Humans but possess feathered wings that are located on their upper back. The number of wings is determined by what Order of Angel they are.   Even with their wings intact, they are unable to fly. This helps support the theory that a Angels ability of flight is attained from supernatural means and not from physical propulsion.

Genetics and Reproduction

Angels are not born but are made by their "Father". Despite this, they do possess either Male or Female genitalia.   After falling, their reproductive organs seem to function like that of normal Human .   Despite the glaring differences in genetics, Fallen Angels and Humans can procreate and produce viable offspring. They are called Nephilim.

Growth Rate & Stages

A Fallen Angel will not age as long as they still possess at least one of their wings.   If all wings have been lost, they will experience the aging process at a rate that is comparable to that of a Human.

Ecology and Habitats

Fallen Angels are similar to Humans in that they can adapt to a wide arrange of environments.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Fallen Angels are vegetarians. They are unable to eat the flesh of anything that once housed a soul. Any attempts at consuming meat are meet with "Cold Electricity" sensation that starts in the mouth and spreads to the rest of the body.   They can, however, enjoy Dairy products and Eggs (unfertilized of course).

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

The average intelligence of a Fallen Angel is comparable to that of a Human.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Fallen Angels have comparable hearing and sight to that of a Human . Fallen Angels can also see or sense certain magical energies.

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

Fallen Angels often find women with petite breasts and blond hair to be beautiful. And men with slick back hair the most handsome. *Dardariel, Please stop editing this file with personal musings. ~ Dr. Alice   Fallen Angels idea of beauty are nearly identical to that of Humans.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Fallen Angels have lost the "Gift of Babel" and only know the last language that had spoken before falling. They also can speak the angelic language of "Enochian".

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Fallen Angel / Human relations are currently favorable.

Fallen Angel / Elf relations are currently neutral.

Fallen Angel / Nereid relations are currently neutral.


  + (7/20/18 01:22PM) Possible location of Lucifer found! ~Dr. DeSoto (Last Update - 2/02/19 09:42AM)
- (7/20/18 01:23PM) I'm sure some of you may have heard of the settlement of New Eden? Apparently, it was built out of the ruins of Minneapolis. So word has come in from some refugees that arrived this morning that some new cult has started up there. Led by a man by the name of Lucian Aurora, and is claiming to be the President of the New United States. They say he has been performing miracles. ~Dr. DeSoto
    • (7/20/18 01:34PM) New Eden? Lucian Aurora? That's a bit too on the nose don't you think? ~Dr. Owen
-- (7/20/18 01:37PM) Light of the Dawn, sounds like someone found a Thesaurus and trying to act cool. ~Dr. Brown

    • (7/20/18 01:35PM) Your saying Lucifer is in Wisconson? Why would he choose there instead of Washington if he is claiming to be President? This sounds highly suspect. ~Dr. Alice

    • (7/20/18 01:42PM) Wisconson? Hell? What's the difference huh? ~Dr. Tanner
-- (7/20/18 01:46PM) HA! ~Dr. Brown

    • (7/20/18 01:50PM) Even if this does sound like a tall tale, we should still send a team to investigate. Lucifer is too big of a player to leave any proverbial rocks unturned. ~Dr. DeSoto
-- (7/20/18 01:55PM) I don't see this having any real merit, but you are right. We will send a small scout team to Minneapolis to see if there is any activity going on. ~Dr. Alice

    • (7/20/18 03:14PM) LUCIFER!!! ~Dardariel
-- (7/20/18 03:48PM) Uhhh... Is that all your going to say? Didn't you say you knew him in Paradise? ~Dr. Brown
-- (7/20/18 03:59PM) Dardariel says a lot of things. ~Dr. Tanner
-- (7/20/18 04:10PM) Do you have any information about this rumor? ~Dr. DeSoto
-- (7/20/18 04:16PM) LUCIFER!!! ~Dardariel
-- (7/20/18 04:18PM) ... ~Dr. DeSoto
-- (7/20/18 04:19PM) ... ~Dr. Brown
-- (7/20/18 04:22PM) You can actually hear him shaking his fist at the sky that time. Wow. ~Dr. Tanner

    • (7/22/18 12:10PM) Plans are currently being drawn up for the scouting expedition. However, this is still rated as a low priority. This will probably not come to fruition till next year. ~Dr. Alice
-- (7/22/18 01:00PM) If you need any help with plans give me a holler. ~Dr. Tanner

    • (1/28/19 11:06AM) The Expedition is scheduled to head out first thing tomorrow morning. I hope you all find time to wish the crew good luck. ~Dr. Alice

    • (2/02/19 09:15AM) LUCIFER!!! ~Dardariel
-- (2/02/19 09:42AM) Man, Lay off the java juice. ~Dr. Tanner

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
DÄ«vus volucer repellam
Conservation Status
Protected: Sapient
Average Height
5'2" - 5'6"
Average Weight
120 lbs

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