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the Isles

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the world and its people are separated by wast bodies of nothingness(floating islands) and water that can only be crossed by ship.   Because of this small island groups have formed governments that live relatively peacefully, except for the occasional pirate raiding.   Because of these raidings the people of the Isles tend to be suspicious of strange people and ships.   The island nations survive by trade and farming.   Some of the islands are blessed with an abundance of precious metals and dark fruitful earth, while others are cursed with sandy soil and horrible storms destroying everything in their path.   The biggest of the nations is called Crunia. it is the overseer of most of the known smaller island nations. The only exceptions besides a few of the bigger individual islands, are the pirate hideout. sometimes islands under Crunia will actually be a cover for pirate nests.   These nests have long been a thorn in the side of Crunia, and the Marine corps routinely conducts investigations in the nation's states.

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