Ib lux du aunquaps ce /ˈaunkʷaːps ke/ or Twelve dragon alliance

The twelve dragon alliance be found in the panc fi crocras /paːnk fi ˈkrokras/ or city of waves on raps scaubla/raps ˈskaubla/ or Norixus island in the draconic isles. Made for the twelve families the dragon lodge can houses up to twenty members and has no less than six members of each family at any given time, thous looking to hire the best of the families for a job would be wise to come to here.    The symbol for the alliance is the outline of a dove on a white flag of peace.

The twelve families and their marks

To the dragonborn clans of seloc dipips frurmeit/ˈseloːk ˈdiːpiːps ˈfruːrmeit/ or the north wind clan] and the frurmeit fi toe seloc cont/ˈfruːrmeit fi toe ˈseloːk kont/ or the clan of the north star they gave the marks of storms and healing respectively.   To the draco-human families of nora di proest /ˈnoraː diː ˈproest/ or beast merchent tribe and croex fi prausse/ˈkroeːks fi ˈprausseː/ or the hunters of dawn , they gave the marks of handling and finding respectively.   The draco-elf tribes of duns digloem proest/duns ˈdiːɡloem ˈproest/ or the shadow dances tribe and puit omve proest/ˈpuit ˈomweː ˈproest/ or still water tribe , who received the marks of shadow and detection respectively.   To the draco-dwarf clans of puːfiː ostriubliu preul/ˈpuːfiː ˈostriˌubliu ˈpreul/ or the scale lock clan and toe haustquaun digerfu frurmeit /toe ˈhaustˌkʷaun ˈdiːɡerfu ˈfruːrmeit/ or the Iron forge clan, who received the marks of warding and making respectively.   To the halfling families of diamme mauta/ˈdiːaːmme ˈmautaː/ or Golden Valley and i fi cropleim/iː fi ˈkropleim/ or the family of adventures , who received the marks of hospitality and passage respectively.   Finally to the gnome clans of varce divada /ˈwaːrke ˈdiːwaːda/ or twilight guard and frurmeit fi toe pluic /ˈfruːrmeit fi toe pluik/ of clan of the quill, they gave the marks of sentinel and scribing respectively.  

Brief overview

When the gods grew tired of the fighting and war happening on their plane, they giffted twelve families of the six races with one of the dragonmarks, making each family and therfore race an essential part of economy in the isles. It would be nearly a century before the families chose to work together and formed the twelve dragon alliance, and another fifty years before they settled on a neutral location to build the enclave, but with the founding of the panc fi crocras /paːnk fi ˈkrokras/ or city of waves on raps scaubla/raps ˈskaubla/ or Norixus island they finally had a location. It would take a further thirty years for construction of the massive city district to be completed, which each family contributing and being accommodated for within the district.


The twelve families were born two hundred years ago, as toe sceis eddac tiunvo /ˈtoe ˈskeis ˈeddak ˈtiunwo/ or The Draco-Elf war drew to a close the draconic gods and goddes chose up to forty families to be the founding members of each dragonmark clan, tribe or family. These chosen families had no knowledge of this event and continued to be unaware of it for several years, until they started to feel "the pull". At first it was little more than a tugging at the back of their minds, had they forgotten something? Weren't they supposed to be somewhere important? It was easy to ignore or push aside, it would take weeks for it to grow into the all consuming pull that would lead to the founding of toe nent scaubla /ˈtoe neːnt ˈskaubla/ or the mother islands the twelve islands that each dragonmarked group was drawn to. With mark drawn to a diffrent island they were spread throughout the isles, thus limiting conflicts and giving them space to practice their craft on previously uninhabited islands. As they were settling into their new homes the other inhabitants of the isles were exploring their plane of existence, some vanished into other planes and other died. It didn't take much time for the family of adventure to establish itself in the transportation market, and one early captain flai crormu fi toe auncen /ˈflaːi ˈkrormu fi ˈtoe ˈaunken/ or king crormu of the wilds was critical in the founding the first few settlements on raps scaubla/raps ˈskaubla/ or Norixus island. Which lead to the founding of the panc fi crocras /paːnk fi ˈkrokras/ or city of waves, and the discovery of the future home of the guilds district within the city. It took them thrity years but they had base of operations that no one family could claim more control over than another for it was in a neutral location.
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