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How The Fox Badger Came To Be

A weasel is roaming around when she comes across a fox. She says to the fox, “A nice coat you’ve got there.”   The fox, being naturally sneaky and thinking he could win a race against any little weasel, says, “I’ll split it with you if you can win a race against me.”   “Deal.”   They start at the space between two trees and the fox counts down. When he reaches one, they both start off running. It seems the weasel is ahead and slowing down to the fox until he suddenly disappears. The fox assumes he fell and keeps running until he gets to a wide stream. The fox, hating to the get his coat wet, goes around to a thinner part of the river where he can jump over.   When the fox reaches the finish line, he’s surprised to see the weasel already there. “How?”   The weasel smiled and explained, “I’m small enough to fit through burrows. I simply travelled under the river.”   The fox, satisfied with that answered, sighed and said, “Well, I suppose you’ve won.” He gives her some of his coat.   The weasel, now orange and white and with a bushy tail like the fox, says, “I think I’ll call myself a fox badger.”

Historical Basis

It’s a creation myth and isn’t rooted in history, although many people still see creation myths as true. While evolution has been conceptualized, it’s not widely accepted at all. The scientific community is the only one to recognize its validity.


Animal creation myths are extremely common in the Islands. This is one of the most widely spread myths as many species of fox badger are spread across the world and basically every culture knows about at least one.

Cultural Reception

The fox is seen as sneaky but not very smart, and the fox badger is seen as clever and cunning in many cultures.
Related Species

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