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The Island of Éreli


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The island hides great history of elvish Empires in the undergrowth. The Empire stretched throughout the forrest forming in the valley of the river Edge and the great crystal lakes. The empire is gone however. It succumbed to internal struggles and scheming which resulted in the great war for the South and later the Expulsion of Elves. The woods are home to the last nomadic bands of orcs and other. The bloody history still echoes throughout the wood.   Human lords taken up the shore of Edge and the Fort of Monsters now stands as the last bastion in this wilderness. The fort is manned by the lord Otto the 2nd renowned for his mild nature. Which in comparisson to the cruelty of his ancesters is not as good as it might sound. His grandfather Otto 1st died of sepsis after he cut his hand on an orc tooth steming from his new custom table of hundred thousand teeth. His grandson still finds this table a miracle though he let the teeth be sealed in glass to prevent his untimely death. His father Arnold fell in battle. That is if you want to ascribe a title of battle to butchery of orcish families. He pursued pregnant mother on the surface of one of the crystal lakes, which frozen over at the time and fell through the ice.   The Expulsion of Elves is regarded as the great elfish migration in most circles. People believe that elves could perform magic and that they moved on their own volition when orcs and goblins migrated from the east with the great army of the undead. People fear magic users cursing them and condeming them. The most acursed place is then the Black Tooth, a great mountain of pitch-black rock standing alone on the west shore, where Edge flows into the sea.

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