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The Chantry

The Chantry is located in an old school/library building most of the early time with the chantry is them building wards around the area and inside of it. Wards against spirits and ghouls and even lupines are put in place. Most of the time the chantry studies blood magic and other supernatural creatures in an attempt to get back what was lost in the Vienna explosion. The tremeres connection to their old magic is gone. They are vulnerable.   Rectorate: The chantry: Samantha is the leader of the Chantry and spends her 2 free points on Ziren, the advantage points are spent on 3 on retainers, Haven 1, 2 on fae, 2 on mage, 2 on Fera, and 3 on chase. Dr Leon spends his 2 free points on Portillon, his advantage points on 2 library blood magic, 2 library vampires, 3 warding. Anastasia her two free points go into 1 ward, and 1 herd, and her 3 advantage points on science labrotory, and 2 on herd. Ifu and Eve, Ifu spends 2 free points on chasse, and 4 advantage points on resources he runs the university, 5 on lien, and 3 on influence. He runs the university as administer and accountant and so has access to a lot of people who can do things for him, the remaining 3 points go to contacts in the local witch circle. Eve has spent 2 free dots on portilion, her advantages are 1 on portilion, a total of 5 to increase the library and 5 on laboratory, and 4 dot in contacts with the fae worth as 2 dot and 2 dot with the fera. Hugo Fox (gifted thinblood) His 2 free points come in a thinblood lab, and 2 advantage points in thinblood alchemy library. Adina Mastromatteo Tremere (Average) spends 1 point on status, William Rigal tremere (Average) 1 on haven. Benjamin Fouché he gives 1 dot weak retainer. Lily Dean (Gifted retainer) she is a ghoul too Dr Leon. her 2 free dots go into influence in the witch community. Alexander (deadly mortal) 2 free dots in lien and spends his points on 5 dots influence in the new hosptial, Eden She gives only 1 point in herd.   Samatha has protected the portals to the fae with the ritual of the haunted house, making mortals believe if they ever go there that its haunted. But its an illusion.   Domain: Chasse (•••••) Posediona, Lien, the local collage students (•••••••) 7 extra dice to find something, someone or someplace , Portillon again so many eyes around the property, even magical ones(•••••) minus 5 for adversaries.   Resources: (••••) Ifus running of the school.   Retainers: (•••) A group of retainers for the chantry. (•) a child who sees a little to much. (•••) a pack of sanguine rats.   Library: (•••) Fae, (•••) Mage, (•••) Fera, (•••) Blood Magic, (•••) Vampires, (•) Oblivion, (••) thinblood alchemy.   Warding: (••••) wards against spirits, ghouls, lupines and the like perminate the area. Even wards against scrying of all kinds.   Herd: (••••) Local students. 30 of them.   Contacts: (•••) Ifu has contacts with the local magic shop, and other witches who can get more magical resources for the chantry. (••) fae contacts, (••) fera contacts thanks to Eve to keep track on what happens in the magical world on the island.   Influence: (•••••) In the local extensive witch circles, Ifu has set up a new circle in Posedionia. Lily also helps in making sure the tremere control the local witch circles gaining eyes and ears for there chantry and protection. And new servants. (•••••) influence in the new hospital.   Laboratory: (•••) add 3 dice to technology dice pools, (•••••)and 5 dice to science dice pools. (••) Thinblood alchemical lab.   Status: (•) Camarilla.   Haven: (••) Basement sleeping spot.       Rectorate: The Thinblood Subsection chantry: Fiften, Discipline spread, 1 Lasombra, 1 protean, 1 Dominate, 1, Obfuscate, 1 fortitude. and 4 with beacon have day drinker.

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