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Syros local kindred

These kindred are "coterie less random kindred"   Ivan Larson(Toreador): Ivan is a toreador scholar who using his abilities of Auspex enjoys talking to ghosts, and searching through tomes to get the histories of the island. He lives in Finikas in a basement underneath the library. His main goals are to understand the supernatural history of the greek islands.   Kevin Schel (Toreador): Kevin is a toreador who lives in Ermoupuli and works with attracting different artists and festivals parodically bringing in a bunch of tourist which flock the island for one reason or another. His goal is to grow his power in this industry to pull in larger artists. Though for now its only smaller local ones. He has enemies within the common people who live on the island which he annoys with his tourists.   Blokhin and Laptev: Are two Lasombra brothers, who travel around the meditaranien wherever their ship takes them. They are Abyss/Oblivion mystics who study the lasombra side of Oblivion and are attracted to the clear feeling of death on the island. They detected something through Oblivion which both scares them and intrigues them. Even know they feel something calling them to this island.   Cole Harris: The Ventrue here to help with the political situation.       Regency: The Leading Nosferatu This group are the leading Nosferatu who take care of the slums, they have several Nos groups under them watching over certain parts of the city. They also have an alliance with the Gangrel helping them with mortal relations. They are actually improving the lives of the poor people, doing the Oliver hopkins thing. Oliver Bates Is a Nosferatu who runs a neutral bar, where anyone is welcome as long as they do not cause issues. Garue could hang out here without any issues. He runs the Minerva bar, Named after the greek goddes Athena the goddess of Wisdom.   Domain: Chasse (•••) and Portillon (•••)   Haven: (•••)The Minerva Bar a Neutral space where all who visit must keep the peace, and keep order.   Status: (••••) (or ••• for Anarch Regencies)       Regency: The leading Gangrel: There are 2 types of Gangrel, the wild ones and the more social ones. There are 4 packs with the third pack being the corporate one working on running the tourist attractions, Whilst the last group are the ones who rebuild the castle and run the mess hall. There goal is to create a place where kindred can deal with there beast. The 2 last groups work a lot with the Nosferatu. There is also a random malkavian with his disorder being that he gets panic attacks indoors, the severity changes from time to time. The Domain is run with the Allemansrätten or the Allemanright which has been exported which means runs with the adage of do not disturb or Destroy. Every kindred and kine may enjoy nature though they may not destroy or disturb nature. You may not step into public property or kill another's animals, though this not mean that a kindred may kill you for stepping into the domain. Hunts are heavily regulated as well a hunt is when you kill another being.   Robin Hopkins (Mariner gangrel, Hammer head shark, seagull) The chief and the second oldest Gangrel of the domain. Her job is to keep other and keep the allemanright and talk with the Soothsayers who help decide on when a hunt is to be called. As well as keep the kine healthy and happy encouraging them to flourish on there own. Fridgerd (Freja) Spiutdottir The head soothsayer and oldest gangrel in the domain, she is the head of the local group of soothsayers, a group of mostly female gangrel who take are of the Fort, and the mess hall but more importantly guide gangrel and other kindred who seek them out with there beasts. In there veiw Gangrel and those kindred with Oblivion feel there beast in a stronger way, different of course but they feel it more strongly. She has 5 in auspex, with obeah, and 5 in animalism, 5 in protean, and 3 in fortitude.   Domain: Chasse (•••••), Lien (••) and Portillon (••••)   Mawli: (•••) They have respect of Fridgerd.   Status: (••••) True gangrel organisation, they are one of the few outposts in the Cycleades.   Resources: (••) The resuorces they gain from running the nature tourism in the area, they run the aqaurium, the local diving, and the nature and old outdoor ruin tours. The ghosts that they find they treat with respect.   The zoo: (•••) They have a fk tone of animals    The Messhall: (•••)    Blood Cult: The Oracles: These are the group of malkavians on the islands, who are all seers of different senses. They search the island for places of prophetic power. They are also in the low clan alliance helping the Nos and the Gangrel in different ways, for one they have dominate, they also help with figuring out the ancient structures of Syros. The Gangrel and the Nos watch over them making sure that the masquerade is not broken and that their domain does not fall to shit. Which surprisingly it does not, this help is sort of in the background and pretty miner. The White Lady, Sylvia   Domain: Chasse (•••), Lien (•••) and Portillon (••)   Herd: (•••)   Status Flaw: (•) Suspect

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