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Brujah Allience

Brujah Allience Senate 6 factions: This is the mega Alliance between the Brujah Elders who keep the city in a tight grip. The Prince is the oldest Elder in the city being 8 generation, the other 4 Brujah Elders where part of a coterie who took down the old Power in Athens, all ninth gen. Platon Maniatou, Argiris Anastas, Magda Palaioti, Konstantina Georgili and Averie(10 gen). They took over the city together with The Bull only gaining power and Praxis because of his allience with the Low Clans and the Tremere, who wished for stability. The Senate was the Brujahs idea a compromise. They are also in power due to how many Brujah and Anarchs there are, they are the ones keeping the Cam in power due to the compromise of the senate. Even though the Senate exists this over faction in truth is the deciding factor, they have the Senate as a victory a smoke screen on that they are the true powers.    Mawli: (•••••) They are held in power by the Prince due to there collective influence.    Influence: (•••••) Together they control the cities anger, they can incite a rebellion amongst the Kine in a second.    Status: (•••••) They together through there agents they have a collective status of five. Mawli: (••) They have the support from the Anarch Ancilae   Resources: (••••) They have money that they got from there takeover of Ventrue assets but they have spread it to there contacts and childer under them. These contacts and childer have let these fall into the hands of Ventrue, and Toreador since many of them do not know how to properly manage a company.    Contacts: (•••••) Together they have contacts within the media, political speakers, and extremist groups.    Retainers: (•••••) Unbeknownst to the rest of the Brujah clan Platon, Argiris, Magda and Konstantina have blood bound several leading Anarchs, Brujah and other clans and use the Ancilla to represent them in the senate. Averie has blood bound Vissarion Antonakis the Tremere Lord of Athens leader.

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