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Campaign Wars

Campaign Wars take place on specific parts of the realm map; we'll zoom in and focus on these areas of conflict.   Hexes represent areas of potential conflict; some of these are already owned territories that have special rules if you decide to play a battle there.   The Power Struggle:
  • For two weeks we'll have Polls in which you can contribute to your chosen side's quest that turn; each vote will give one power to your faction's quest!
  • Polls will determine what the factions will do during that turn; the factions will likely have opposing actions to take.
  • Tell us what you are contributing to the fight, a name and picture of your general and/or your army that will be fighting for a side. Their efforts will contribute fiveĀ power to an faction quest!
  • Show us your hobby progress, building, painting, basing, or anything else hobby related to show your effort to your faction quest and contribute five power to the faction quest!
  • Report a battle that you've had and generate five power to your faction quest! Snap a picture or two of your battle for an additional five power!
  • Write a full battle report and contribute 20-40 power to your faction! Give a few pictures of your battle for an additional five power!
  Aftermath: After two weeks we'll have an aftermath sequence to see how the actions play out and what changes may happen on the map and in the campaign.   Where do I vote?: The poll will be linked on Discord and Youtube. Join us on any of these and vote!   Where do I report a battle? Join our discord and post about your battle in the Campaign subchannel! Either directly post (if it is short) or link us a full report!   How do I report a battle? Tell us what armies were involved in the fight and who they sided with. If you can, name your generals, any significant events that happened and cool highlights of the battle. Also let us know which side won and got power contributed to a quest! A few sentences is sufficient and don't forget to take a few pictures of the battle!   How do I write a full battle report? Let loose your inner writer and give us a page turner of a battle report! Who were the generals and heroes? What were the stakes? What are their motives? What wine do they enjoy at dinner? What were the forces comprised of? Who won the 1-on-1 duel? What unit lost their morale and fled in terror? Let us know all the juicy bits in the most expressive way you can think of! And don't forget to take pictures of your epic clash!   Will my stuff get featured in a video? It might be (with your permission of course)! We'll try to make summary videos and feature as many submissions as we can. If you have a particularly difficult character/location name to pronounce, please spell them out phonetically (Fo-Ne-Tik-Lee) for us so we don't mess it up on camera if we narrate it!   How else to get involved? Get your hero and story out onto The Great Weave and in the Interstice!   Quest Rewards? There usually be opposing quests/actions to be taken by the forces. Whichever side achieves the majority will take the victory for that turn. Victory rewards are listed with a bonus reward given depending on how much the victory was taken. For example, barely taking the win with 51% to 49% will give you the Victory Reward, but winning the conflict with 80% to 20% would earn your side the Bonus Reward as well if available.  

Turn one Quests:

  The Warherds: A Cunning Plan
Gharatroz the Untouchable leads a large spearhead assault from Doomshank Port into the forests surrounding Riverwatch. He launches daring raids on enemy scouting forces only to retreat when a larger force comes to assist. Feigning weakness, he pulls back only to launch a surprise counter attack to trample over the pursuing enemy. Several warbands have already fallen to his tactics. With Riverwatch slowly being cut off from allied support, it will surely fall before the next moon.   Modifiers: Heavy Rainfall - Minus one to hit rolls for missile weapons if the range is beyond 9"
Victory Reward: Riverwatch territory   Avelorn Alliance: Root and Stem
Several allied forces have already fallen to dishonorable trickery and this four-horned beastlord has become a terrifying legend on the battlefield. Scouts report that the warherds move through Doomshank Port to invade the forests but the ambushes have hindered any attempts at sieging the port. But with each ambush they launch, they slowly reveal the location of their raiding camps. A cunning plan is laid out to raid their camps while they too are out raiding. With no safety to be found, the enemy forces will surely rout and taking that impetus, we'll drive our warbands into their coastal city and lay waste to it.   Modifiers: Heavy Rainfall - Minus one to hit rolls for missile weapons if the range is beyond 9"
Victory Reward: Doomshank Port territory
Bonus Reward: Injured beastlord   The Warherds: Smash and Grab
The knife-ears are planning someting within the Whisper woods. Even from as far as the sturdy walls of the Bristle Fort, their efforts can be heard and seen. Swathes of forests are being cleared in preparation but what they have planned is unclear even to the warherd seers. Scouts have been sent out but few return and those that do only tell of deadly forests that forbid passage. An ill omen indeed, but the commanders of the Bristle Fort do not shy away from such open opposition. With the sounding of the great warhorn, the fortress gates swing open wide and war parties emerge to seek out the aelves' machinations. Destroy or pillage whatever they have planned, their efforts will either die with them or strengthen ours.   Modifiers: None
Victory Reward: Denial of Asset
Bonus Reward: Ensorcelled weapon of power   Avelorn Alliance: Accumulation of Power
The Bristle Fort stands as an eye-sore for any following the Shadeflow River. It is grotesque in its construction and a blight upon the lands. Despite seemingly crude compared to the cities of the aelves, the fortress gives a sense of indominable force. Assaulting it head on has been the doom of several Aelf war leaders already and the war efforts could not spare any more futile attempts. The arcane engineers have devised plans for the construction of a magick-infused warmachine that would shatter the fortress walls and make sieging the stronghold a simple matter. The warmachines will take many resources to make, clear lands to traverse over and precious time, but to take down such an important foothold would surely cripple the enemy morale. Surely though, their construction has been noted by the enemy and we must prepare for any attempts at sabotage.   Modifiers: None
Victory Reward: Siege equipment

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