The Inheritence Saga


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A hidden world parallel to our earth, the world Tabion is a mirror image of Earth where magic and science have switched places. All manner of mystic creature that appears in the fables and legend of Earth call this world home.   But Tabion is far from being peaceful. Centuries ago, a great war spread across the land as the God of Chaos unleashed his dark army to clash with the God of Order and those who served him.   This 'Judgment War', as it was recorded by the survivors, ended with an equally cataclysmic event known as Heaven's Fall, which saw the very stars fall to drive back the evil, devastating and remaking the very landscapes itself till the world looked nothing like it once did.   Despite man and fae's victory over the demons of chaos, the latter still roam the lands. Rumor floats that a Second Judgment War will come, when a herald of Order should come under a shower of starlight.     Heed these words dear reader:   There are two sides to every coin; Light and Darkness cannot exist without the other. Life and Death weight each other out. The Duality of Existence is a Law that has bound it since its creation. All things must reach equilibrium; all things must exist in balance.   The Scales must always be balanced, or all things fall into ruin.   In Everything there is Nothing, for in Nothing, there is Everything…