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The Unknown Three

The Unknown Three consisted of three members. A dwarf by the name of Bewm Noblegut, a tiefling named Tyseth Atresam, and finally an elf named Fynn. They are called the Unknown Three purely because few know of their exploits, at least for now...  

Humble Beginnings

120 MA, 4th of Foen - 6th of Foen  
The three first met because of a common purpose, to visit a small remote island named Storm Reef off the western coast of the Continent of Origin. All were headed for different reasons, but none the less found a common purpose to stay together.
The group would end up solving old mysteries that plagued the island. Most notably, they helped to slay a blue dragon wyrmling who was attempting to attain great power through a ritual involving the stars. In this time they met a few individuals who would prove important. First, they met an adult bronze dragon by the name of Runala. She primarily stayed in her human form during their interactions. She would be the main one asking for the groups help to solve the islands trouble. On their way to investigate the blue wyrmling's lair, they ran into a young elven lady by the name of Lucia. Who, they later found out was actually Lucia Illuster, 2nd Princess to King Corthees Illuster the Conqueror of Dragons. She had come to Storm Reef in hopes of rescuing an old friend.

The Mainland

11th of Foen - 20th of Foen  
Once back on the mainland, the group quickly found them selves getting involved with a small bandit group known as the Righteous Plate. In addition, various quests had led them to investigate old ruins dedicated to an old religious group called the Cult of the Calamity. An old religious group that believed that a great event would befall the Kingdom of Valer, destroying it. The party in their travels would end up defeating the Righteous Plate by killing their leader, a fat goblin by the name of Doldo. However, this was far from the end of their adventure...

The Black Tongue

After the defeat of the Righteous Plate, they had learned that they were serving a larger more powerful organization, known as the Black Tongue. The party would go on to seek out the Tongue, first rooting out their base in the Town of Maven. It was here they would rescue Lucia. With her knowledge they were able to continue their pursuit. After more encounters, and another delve into an old cult ruin, they discovered the leader of the Black Tongue was an old war general from the The Draconian Blood War, Survien Paler the False Idol...
The party would end up tracking him down to the Fort Town of Neshvel. Here, with the help of old friends like Runala, the party would defeat Survien, ending whatever he was planning to do in the future.

New Horizons

After the defeat of Survien, the group decided to stay together, as they all agreed to follow Lucia north towards the Kingdom of Valer. It may be some time before we hear about this group again, but be certain, this is not the last we will see of the Unknown Three...
This whole story was made through a D&D campaign I ran with three of my friends. This is the tale of their adventure that happened across 4 months, 11 in-person sessions. These kind of stories are why I love to play Roleplaying games, as they can feel alive and significant. Especially when in the context of a greater world. I hope to have more of these kind of stories be created within the Infinity Chronicles. I highly encourage you to try and play these kind of games with your friends. If you don't have any friends to play with, that's fine too. Reach out, these kind of games can be the very kind of thing to forge brand new friendships.

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