Session I Report

New Faces, New Places

General Summary

4th of Foen, 120 MA

  Our three new faces have travelled from the small Town of Hillhook to an island off the coast called the Storm Reef in hopes of treasure and combat. The three new faces are Fynn the Elven Ranger, Bewm the Dwarf Barbarian, and Tyseth the Tiefling Druid. All new to eachother, yet seem to be bound to exploring this island together.  
Shortly after making landfall, the party was approached by two undead sailors. Luckily, the group was able to fend off their first encounter together. Next, they began climbing the black sharp cliffs of the island, hoping to reach what seemed like buildings and an open air temple at the top. As they climbed they were swarmed by tiny draconic creatures called kobolds. They were very friendly, excited to have new faces visiting them. Soon after an elderly woman called Runala welcomed the party, claiming that had entered the village of Dragonsrest. The group roamed the tiny town, spending time with the kobolds and gathering information. Upon reaching the top they saw a statue dedicated to Elcron, the Unforgiven Blade. A deity that Runala and the kobolds have long worshipped.
The group learned of the troubles facing the island and offered to help. An older man named Tarak use to gather mushrooms from a seaside cave to make healing potions, but recently the mychonids that live in the cave have become defensive. In addition, many years ago a ship called the compass rose crashed on the island. Ever since, the undead have been walking its shores.
After staying the night the group rowed to the seaside cave to help Tarak. Upon initially entering they were attacked by an octopus that had been reanimated to act as a guardian. Once they started exploring the cave, the group helped some of the mychonids vs some corrupt fungi. The mychonids seeing their help began to inform them of their situation. Deep in the cave there are vents that allow sulphuric gases from below the island to seep out. However, recently they have become blocked, and the gases are making them all very ill. In an attempt to protect others they reanimated a guardian to keep people out. The party went into the vent chamber, and saw the vent was being blocked by a large red crystal. In the fumes lurking was a fume drake who attacked the party. During the frey Fynn managed to destroy the crystal, only revealing a small fire snake and her egg. The group defeated the two monsters and made it so the fumes were once again being vented...
Storm Reef
Report Date
28 Jan 2023


  • 2x Health Potions
  • A Ruby Morel


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