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Kingdom of Aelen


It's Creation

The Kingdom of Aelen was founded in the year 601 AI on the continent of Ariel, on its eastern peninsula. It was one of the first Kingdoms formed during the Age of the Idols, its creation being spear headed by Aelen's first king, Ul'ight Telior and the Idol Variun Infinity. After having just conquered the land and finishing a deadly war to the west, the people of east Ariel had a chance to establish themselves; and so Aelen was founded. It's first several decades were marked by peace and prosperity, allowing the Kingdom to boom in the discovery of new magics and technologies. Aelen's borders slowly expanded and the land it held flourished with big harvests. The people of the realm had never seen such luxurious life styles.  

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It's Fall

Fall of Aelen
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Technological Level

Creation of Modern Magic and Spells

Aelen was responsible for the discovery of true mastery of magic. In its first few decades it prioritized magical research in hopes of better protecting itself and defeating its enemies. Its mages were the first to create the majority of modern day spells and incantations. The Kingdom would be successful in this endeavor, quickly accelerating in power and becoming untouchable to its enemies; all in the span of 50 years.

Artificial Technologies

Later in the Kingdoms life, it would create weapons and other inventions fueled by metallurgy and gunpowder. The first firearms would be created, but would be kept very privatized and secret. Much of the modern world today still does not know of their existence. The first coal powered train would also be created in the year 1322 AI. Shortly before Aelen's fall, it would create artificial life in the form of the Warforged through the combined effort of its inventors and mages.

Floating Cities

Aelen's largest and most wondrous success would be the floating cities created by it's archmages. To be able to permanently raise earth and stone into a movable city was a feat unlike no other. Aelen was the strongest and greatest Kingdom in the realm, and so one could or would dare challenge it's might...

601 AI - 1409 AI

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Monarchy, Elective


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