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Age of the Idols

Written by Ace Infinity

The Age of the Idols was the earliest known age of recorded history. It was a time marked with extreme times of prosperity and, equally as horrific, times of war. In the year 432 the first ever Idol was born. A mortal that had been gifted boons from the higher powers. Over the next decades several more would be brought into life. Soon there would be more than a dozen walking the realm. Each one had their own unique abilities often related to the divine that had blessed them. These Idols would go on to lead the mortals of the realm, helping them to survive the challenges they faced and carve a piece of the world for themselves. Throughout this Age many kingdoms would rise and fall of varying complexity and size. Often because of another Idol leading the kingdom to war...  
It is often debated when the Age truly began. Whether it began at the Year 0, or the Year 432 when the first idol appeared. Most agree that it began in the year 432; however, scholars write it as it started in the year 0 as it makes the tracking of history much more simple.
— Ser'Turven

Prosperity & Devastation

As stated earlier, idols often have abilities akin to the deity that blessed them. However, this more often than not also applied to their alignment. As some were helping the mortal races toward prosperity, others were some trying to lead to them to devastation. Many of the great heroes and villains of the Age were idols. They had polarizing effects on the world and its people. A spare few Kingdoms would survive and become the greatest in known history. While countless others would reach ruin.

The Banishment of the Idols

After several centuries of cycling between peace and chaos, the people of the realm had decided they had had enough of the will of idols. After seeing the Fall of Aelen, Kingdom after kingdom began to hunt down idols, either imprisoning or slaying them. Often the ladder of the two. With this turn in trust, the few idols that remained distanced themselves from mortal affairs. They became hermits, watching from afar. Even so, some still sought out war and chaos, and so the good aligned of their kind attempted to stop them. The war between the idols never ended, it simply just wasn't as visible as it use to be. The banishment of the idols would lead to what would cause the end of their Age, the Time of Heresy.
  Perhaps the idols are simply a smaller example of the unending war between the divines themselves...
— Ser'Turven


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