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The Inferior Realms

5th of Snābto, 3444 CC

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Main Inferior Realms: 1) Jinn Realm [Asia Continent w/ Australia] 2) Ghoul Realm [Europe Continent] 3) Barbar Realm (War monsters) [Africa] 4) ??? [The Two Americas]  
  • The entrance to the realms is hidden from humans due to a layer on thier eyes (from ancient times)
  • The 'Jinn realm' can be hot and some parts are surrounded by fire.
  • The 'Ghoul realm' is built upon some architecture way that allowed the realm to be cool and sometimes cold. (hidden openings that can bring cold breeze into the kingdom)
  • The 'Barbar realm' is dark and doesn't allow sunlight to enter. They believe the sun damage their bodies and make them weaker. the north part has sun light access and don't believe in such myths. (since they were more advance and open to other realms).
  • All realms are at least one layer underneath earth (some have two or more layers).
  • 'Jinn' cannot be seen by humans. they can shape shift to look like a human (in which case they can be seen).
  • 'Ghouls' can live on the surface as well underneath it. They blend with humans.
  • 'Barbars' cannot exit their realm (A spell was casted to prevent them rom exiting). They can still travel to nearby realms (but they don't)
  • There exists a 'secret' organization of 'peacemakers' called (Insert Name). they consist of creatures from all realms. their job is to deliver secret messages, assassinate, and do other missions (originated in the Jinn Realm)