Port Lashlo

A bustling port town nestled along the western edge of Tenako Bay on the Necluda Sea.


The permanent population of Port Lashlo is roughly four-fifths Hylian, with the rest mostly consisting of Zora followed by a handful of Gorons.   Most of the citizens work in some connection to the docks, either in trade or ship repair. Several families control most of the local fishing in the bay. Additionally, the East Garrison employs a number of locals for day to day operations and specialty needs in support of the 468 members of the Hylian Royal Army stationed there.


Counci of Lashlo

The town is governed by a council of elected representatives who meet weekly to handle any pressing matters of governance. For daily concerns or when interacting with neighboring towns and cities like Hateno, or for events needing a face of the town, the Council Head is most likely involved. Overall, the council handles the
Founding Date
12 Raum 334
Alternative Name(s)
Lashlo Town
Large town
1,276 in 335
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Owning Organization
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