Though the sun blazed upon the white sand, the shade along the oasis was cool. Aamrik watched with steely resolve as Vayu walked towards him from the cool-green water, long red hair wetly draped against her umber skin. Her hair did more to cover her then the thin, light blue Lycare she wore could ever hope to achieve. Maybe that was the point, Aamrik thought, his resolve dulling has the sunlight dazzled like stars around the divine before him.
  A thin, breathable textile made by the Gerudo and primarily worn as an undergarment to protect against sun, wind, and sand as well as chaffing on long journeys in the desert heat. It can be dyed a multitude of colors, but tends to appear quite pastel or near white. Undyed, it is nearly transparent.   Both Gerudo vai and voe will usually don a single piece of Lycare, which stretches around the body. This is worn quite similarly to the Shiekah body suits, being pulled up the body. However, the Lycare are very elastic, holding their shape over the wearers body perfectly for years.


Physical & Chemical Properties

Once woven, Lycaren is an extremely resilient material, capable of stretching to four times its settled width without damage. The material is also exceptionally smooth and even moisture-wicking, making it a great outfit material for use in the desert.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Lycaren is used primarily to make Lycare Textiles and in Gerudo medical care for keeping sand and dirt out of wounds.


The sap of the Lyca Berry is exceptionally thick and rubbery, requiring boiling to remove excess moisture and then hours of concussive working to strengthen the sap into strong strands which can be woven together.

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