Akkala Citadel

A towering structure on the southern end of the Akkala Province, between Akkala Lake and Cephla Lake. The citadel overlooks the fork of the twin roads out of Akkala and along the Eldin-Lanayru border into Central Hyrule.


After the Fall of Akkala in the days after the Calamity, severe damage was sustained both to the the citadel itself and the Citadel Bridge. A hundred years later, the reawakening of the Hero of the Wilds led to the eruption of a glowing tower out of the citadels roof causing further damage, both inside and out.   Reconstruction efforts have been ongoing for the last seven years, attempting to return the citadel to its former glory.
1 AC
Alternative Names
The Citadel
Acropolis / Citadel
Owning Organization


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