TL: Chapter 20 - New Beginning

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Sky watched the two tank destroyers warily. The Ferdinand that Eject had mentioned had returned after Fox had told him to — through the Jagdpanther’s radio. They were currently occupied with helping the Jagdpanther recover as much of his track as possible; Fox’ shot had hit the sprocket wheel and the track had simply snapped off as the wheel had been torn from its mounting.   Fox and Rex were watching the procedure as well, though not as closely as Sky. They had started bickering about something.   «What do you mean, he’s not hostile?» Eject asked through the radio. Sky had informed him and Eohelm of the new arrival.   “He even apologised,” Sky replied. She shifted her weight slightly and looked up to the other side of the junction as she sensed the other two Falkendorf tanks returning. A few moments later, their engine noises grew louder and they appeared behind a bend in the road.   Eohelm was towing a wreck, which was only identifiable as Nordic with the knowledge that it had to be him. An uncomfortable feeling crept up on Sky as she looked at the mangled remains. There was no doubt what had happened to him — artillery cannons, especially when fired from up close, tended to have this effect on you. Sky couldn’t hold back a shiver, but then turned her attention back to the living.   Eject and Eohelm entered the junction. The Ferdinand and the Jagdpanther paused their work to look at them. The two Falkendorf tanks halted, and Eject gave the tank destroyers a deep frown.   "So, you are ...?" the T29 asked.   The Ferdinand nodded his cannon briefly.   "My name is Dresden," he said in a firm voice. He then gestured to the Jagdpanther by his side. "And this is Fang."   Fang only returned the frown.   "We are -" Eohelm began to say, but he fell silent again when Eject went on.   "There's plenty of empty garages here, choose whichever you like best," he said gruffly.   The Ferdinand nodded.   "We appreciate your goodwill," he said.   Eject set himself into motion again, driving past the two tank destroyers. Eohelm followed him. Dresden and Fang went back to their task almost immediately.   Sky watched Eject approach her. She didn't say anything when he halted in front of her, waited for him to say what he apparently had to say to her. However, this time, it was Eohelm who took the lead. He halted next to Eject.   "Thank you for your help in the battle," the Centurion said to Sky. "Feel free to leave now if you must, but you and your team are also welcome to stay for a while longer - if you wish."   "What's going to happen next?" Sky asked matter-of-factly. She gestured at the other present tanks. "Half of your team is dead."   "We will have to discuss that," Eohelm replied in a neutral tone.   "I see," Sky said. She looked around for a moment, then turned to leave. "I'll be back soon."   Eohelm nodded. Sky drove off. As she was about to lose line of sight to the others, she looked back over her fender. Eohelm had moved to Nordic's garage and was pushing the wreck inside. He gave his dead teammate a last nod, then closed the garage door and locked it.

Brought to you by Odd Tornado Productions!   This chapter concludes the first arc/season of the story. There will be new adventures, friends, and enemies in the coming chapters!


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