TL: Chapter 6 - The Tanking League

After driving for the whole day with some breaks in between, evening was once again approaching. The setting sun had started tinting the sky red, while the tanks were slowly getting closer to their destination. They didn’t advance as fast as they would have without two slow heavies among them, but the high tier support at least gave them some sense of relative safety.   Fox had fallen back to Arty, but wasn’t saying much as he drove next to the SPG. Arty was wondering if he was just a naturally quiet fellow, or if he wasn’t fond of her in particular for some reason. He hadn’t seemed as reticent when he had been talking to Sky and Rex. Said other two tanks were still involved in a conversation, and since the King Tiger by her side didn’t really do anything to be the centre of Arty’s attention, she listened to that conversation instead.   “What are you guys for real though?” Rex asked Sky casually. “You are few for a team. And really mismatched.”   It happened sometimes that some lower tiers travelled with higher tiers, mostly when some of the tanks didn't progress as fast in tiering up as the others. Usually, this ended with those lower tier tanks getting left behind or being forced to leave eventually, however. As harsh as it sounds, they were a burden and endangered the lives of their team mates. If someone insisted on them staying, they became responsible for them and their shortcomings. Since very few tanks wanted such a responsibility, teams with outliers were a rare sight. From what Arty understood, Sky had taken the responsibility for Awol, who — for whatever reason — was of a significantly lower tier than his sister. Arty had been an outlier herself for a while, when she had switched classes. Maybe it was a similar case with the Wespe. The Sturmpanzer’s sights rested on her artillery team mate for a moment, as if she would somehow be able to fathom the reasons for his lagging behind by just looking at him intently. Then, she looked at Sky again as the Pershing replied to Rex.   “We are a team. We just found each other, and since we get along, we decided to travel as one,” Sky said matter-of-factly.   “So what's your team name then?” Rex asked on.   Sky remained silent for a moment. Arty figured that she hadn’t been able to come up with one on her own since she had asked the Sturmpanzer about it.   “We don’t have one yet,” Sky said eventually.   Fox suddenly hijacked the conversation.   “You could call yourselves the Seal Tanking League,” he grinned.   “Very fucking funny,” Sky said with a dark look. But she seemed to not be completely averse to the idea. After a moment of thought, she went on, “Leave out the seal and you can call us that.”   “I like the name,” Arty added. She looked back over her fender, where Noob and Awol were still driving together. “What do you guys think? Do you like it?” she shouted.   “Totally!” Noob replied cheerfully, in the same volume. “What are we talking about?”   Awol threw an interested look into the direction of the others as well, but didn’t say anything.   Sky spun her turret around.   “We're thinking about calling ourselves the Tanking League. Any objections?” she asked.   “Sounds good to me!” Noob said, sounding serious this time. Awol nodded as well.   “It has a nice ring to it,” the Wespe said.   Sky grinned contentedly and looked ahead again.   “It is decided then,” she announced with her cannon raised. “Good luck to the Tanking League!”   “Good luck!” the others shouted.   And thus, the Tanking League was founded. None of them would have guessed in that moment that it would soon consist of many more tanks than just the four of them.


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