A traitor, a castoff, an exile, and a deserter - after their lives are turned upside down, the paths of four misfits cross. With no chance to survive on their own in the hostile world around them, they decide to team up.


The newly formed Tanking League travels northward in an attempt to find a way not to starve. They run into trouble in the form of two heavy tanks very quickly - but the conflict is settled and they are invited to the town Falkendorf.
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The promise of fuel and a place to stay for a while has them agree. But upon arriving, they have to find out that it's the home of a dysfunctional team. Before they know it, the Tanking League find themselves caught in the middle of a struggle driven by bitter resentment.    

Characters (WIP)

[ More profiles coming soon! ]


The source material for the series is the story I am writing - an online novel called the Tanking League. The prose text was rewritten into script format using Causality.   At the moment, there is only one person responsible for the animation: me. The environments are created using Unity's terrain tools and assets like Gaia, Vegetation Studio, and FAE. Tank models are created from scratch in Blender and textured with SAI (painting software), then imported into Unity and rigged using a physics-based system.   Once the scenes are assembled, they are "filmed" using a special render engine to achieve a cinematic look. Finishing touches, sound effects and music, subtitles, and the actual assembling/editing of the clips are done using Adobe Premiere Pro.  

All of the costs for the production (assets, subscriptions, music, etc.) are paid from my own pocket. Making an animated series is not cheap, and I am grateful for every bit of help I get. If you'd like to support this project, please consider donating to my ko-fi page or subscribing to my Patreon page.

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Release Date
Early/Mid 2021
Animated Series
Final Episode Count
Script: 100%
Animation: 20%
Models: 25/34
Voice Acting: 60%
Production Costs (so far)
~520$, excluding software subscriptions
Project History
Making this series has been my dream ever since I started writing stories for the Hummelverse. Early attempts to make the project reality included trying to record the scenes inside the video game World of Tanks (which was too limiting) and hand-drawing the episodes using frame-by-frame animation (extremely time-consuming).

I eventually decided to switch over to custom 3D animation; I taught myself how to model and use Unity. Now I am finally making decent progress, making my dream realistic.
[ Comparison between the old and new graphics ]
The folks at Odd Tornado Productions are helping me out where they can, so I'm giving them a shoutout. Thank you for the support!

Wall of Thanks
Furthermore, these are people who have helped me and are still helping me make my dream come true:
Mika Pagani, TJ (stonewhalejackson), Tankcafe, eject91, Saiymon, Anon E Moose, panzersandtea, tomcat-tango, Dimitris Havlidis, Zerokiller1628, Snake Venom (https://twitter.com/SnakeVenoms), DanTheCzechWolfDog, RexIronshoes, InkFire (www.inkfire.net), Tharnanien, Andrew Hayward, Sevens, Jelke Ludolphij, alvaro_bernart, technopanzer, Kris Weavill, StukaGoggles, Secondhand, beetle3000, Daniele20
Bonus Awol
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16 Feb, 2021 20:59

Such a fascinating project! I wish I could help. I hope that you get to finish, as it seems like it will be a wonderful series!

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22 Feb, 2021 10:54

It's unfortunately, currently on hiatus because I cannot afford working on it at the moment. But I hope to pick it back up soon!

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