The Power Tankers (Series)

Thrilling adventures of a group of tanks with special powers!

Whenever there's evil happening in the fantasy country Japan1, the Power Tankers are called! Follow this weekly radio series for non-stop action, fun, and even a bit of romance involving the popular Tankers.   They're a group of three extraordinarily powerful tanks who go by the names Discord, Hangman, and Waffle Tinman. Together, they fight villains of all sorts, mostly ones that try to destroy the country. In the final episode of every season, they usually take on someone who wants to take over the world.   Occasionally, they also fight fantasy monsters or even aliens.   Other than many other heroes, they have a very special ability: They can "merge" their bodies to form a huge super-tank-robot called Sheltron, which usually engages in martial arts combat, but also is equipped with a variety of weapons - the exact arsenal depends on the current writers of the series.  

Live-Action Adaptions

Even though the series is mainly a radio show, there have been various official and unofficial spin-offs that involve either video recordings or live performances. These can mainly be seen in bigger towns that have theatres. The cast tends to be different tanks than what the "original" Power Tankers are, but most of the time there are efforts made to at least mock up the models.

The Power Tankers are very popular in the North and the clan territories of the Mainlands and Regalia. In other places, they are not that well-known. However, these places tend to have other series with similar themes.


Other Adaptions
They are also a popular theme in art and literature - mainly among fan-created works. There aren't many official artworks or novels.

Digital Recording, Various
1: Most vehicles in the West don't know that Japan was a real place once.


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