Story of Scout

A light tank scholar by the name Scout desired knowledge of the world, its history and future, and thus decided to find the giant plane Heidr. She was known to be an old and wise being.   He travelled to her hall and was reluctantly welcomed.   As Heidr told him about the things he wanted to know, Scout questioned everything she said, claiming he had heard differently from other sources. She got fed up eventually, and before she chased him away, the following exchange happened:  
She told him, with a voice like thunder: "It is as clear as the skies I soar on a cloudless summer day that you are privy to the things of the past and the future; as to why have you sought me, then?"
"I thought you wise," replied Scout. "But it looks to me a wise plane is as good as any."
"It looks to me your turret is as good as any to adorn the walls of my hall," said Heidr.
  Scout left in a hurry and never returned.   The story of Scout gives insight to the legends surrounding the beginning and end of the world of both the tanks and the planes. The latter are explained by Heidr, contrasted with the former that Scout presents to challenge them.
Sometimes spelled as just "Heid". According to the cryptic description that the story gives of her, she was probably a Convair B-36.

Heidr is mentioned to be the daughter of this factory, but otherwise we learn nothing about Soot in the story. It was probably assumed that the listener/reader is familiar with it.


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