"I trust him as far as I can throw him, but he is not the devil."

  Someone who isn't above using his talent for manipulating people, while acting like he is a simple and agendaless heavy tank. He uses others when it's convenient for him; not out of ill will but simply due to stark pragmatism. "Friends" isn't really a part of his personal vocabulary, even though he will accept one-sided friendships offered by oblivious others.   He takes little seriously and has a rather morbid sense of humour. Only when things really crash and burn, he starts getting concerned, although he is also adept at seeing the signs beforehand and fixing the problem before it can become severe.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

After many travels through the East, he and his team had become powerful. One day, they heard about an aspiring clan, whose leader was said to be the "most powerful tank on Earth". They wanted to see for themselves and started a journey to the North, but got lost and ended up in the territory of the CH Clan. They got kicked out, but Rill's leader forced them to sneak through the territory anyway. Rill refused and got left behind.   Sitting there at the border and waiting to starve, he was found by the Tanking League and joined them.   The months went by and he seemed to thrive, although he mostly kept to himself and was generally aloof. This changed at some point; while keeping up the act, he started pulling strings in the background. A newfound sense of purpose drove him.  

Wolf among Sheep
  As Sky, the leader of his team, started falling from grace, he saw his chance and seized the leadership together with Eject. They kicked out Sky, although they allowed her to return later under the condition that she acknowledged them as the new leaders.

Mental Trauma

Has seen a lot of bad shit in his life, which is part of why he stopped caring about many things.

Morality & Philosophy

Can be quite ruthless in pursuing his goals. Little regard for ethics.


Wouldn't kill a teammate, but doesn't mind getting rid of them in other ways.

Personality Characteristics


Little is known about what really drives him, but it may just be a hunger for power and strength. On some days, or even weeks, all this drive disappears, however and he becomes gloomy and apathetic.


Contacts & Relations

Eject is his co-leader

Social Aptitude

Can get along well with people if he wants to, although some don't like his smug side and many don't trust him.


Reticent. Deliberate choice of words and tone, but often ends up sounding patronizing or arrogant when he doesn't particularly care about what impression he is trying to make or isn't mindful.

Rill side image
by Samo94
Heavy Tanks
The East
Gender Identity
Aligned Organization
The Tanking League
Known Languages
Russian, English
~ 45 winters


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