"Sometimes we wondered if he has a death wish or something. Never seen anyone this reckless. Injury? Near-death? He just doesn't care."

When this KV-2 shows up, the only advisable and sensible thing one should do is being somewhere else.
Like the inscription on his turret suggests, he doesn't know mercy and will hound his enemies relentlessly; unless someone stops him, he will make sure that none are left alive. To achieve this, he has no qualms about using excessive violence, if necessary. Even though he may give off the impression, he is not sadistically inclined, though, and doesn't get any noticeable enjoyment from gratuitous cruelty that would go beyond killing someone.   Unlike many others', his bloodlust doesn't discriminate or target anyone in particular - it is more of a "to whom it may concern" thing.

  He has an obsession with the concept of honour, but a rather idiosyncratic idea of what it means. He hasn't really explained it properly to anyone yet, and those who listen to him talk about it don't really understand anything beyond the fact that he thinks his own honour was lost and has to be restored. How he plans to do that, he probably doesn't even know for sure himself. The only thing that is easily understandable is that he thinks basically everyone he knows and has ever known, enemy and ally alike, lacks honour. What his requirements for being "honourable" are is - once again - unclear.   Will follow orders, even though he has a very low opinion of authority. The only times he refuses to obey is when the order interferes with his own intentions. So far, no amount of getting punished by leaders or getting banned from previous teams has changed that. When he has set a goal for himself, he will pursue it without regard for others' feelings or wellbeing. He only cares about himself and his incomprehensible agenda, after all.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Takes good care of his armour.

Specialized Equipment

Equipped with a modified turret that features a powerful flamethrower, additionally to the 152mm howitzer - a devastating combination. Prefers to get up close and personal with enemies, but also uses his howitzer for indirect long-range fire skillfully when needed.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

No one knows about his past; he doesn't ever talk about it. They just know that whatever happened has scarred him deeply. It appears that he did some awful things that he is paying the price for, and that he is usually preoccupied with thinking about them.

Intellectual Characteristics

He acts like a stubborn, simple killing machine, but actually possesses a cunning, malicious intelligence. Calculating and pragmatic nature.


Contacts & Relations

Tends not to stick with teams for a long time.

Social Aptitude

Others generally avoid this loner. He is described as heartless, ruthless, and sometimes downright antagonistic (when he is having a bad day). Doesn't go out of his way to be rude, but is generally unpleasant. It seems like he resents everyone, possibly including himself.

Heavy Tanks
Gender Identity
Known Languages
Russian, English
Inscription беспощадный (merciless)


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