The Hummelpost is an online magazine that I am creating whenever I'm not busy with anything else. It features chapters of the Tanking League story, and various bonus content about the story as well as the Hummelverse in general. Common topics are lore, character portraits, and news.   The first issue was released on the 22nd April 2018. There is no particular schedule for new issues, but it's possible to receive email notifications when a new issue is released by requesting them. Just send an informal message to the email address linked on the magazine's last page. Subscriptions are FREE and can be cancelled anytime.

Released Issues

The following PDFs have been released in the past. Click the links below the image to download the individual PDFs or follow the second link to the Google Drive folder with all releases.  

Hummelpost Vol. ONE

Hummelpost Vol. TWO

Hummelpost Vol. THREE

Hummelpost Vol. FOUR

Hummelpost Vol. FIVE

Hummelpost Vol. SIX

  If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions feel free to contact me!

Cover image: by hydrothrax


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