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A Leopard tank. He used to be one of the Sundverk Matchmakers, but quit them a long time ago to be an independent merchant.   His shop is set up at a trading post called Vägkorset, where he sells all sorts of travel goods. His tent is located further northward, at the foot of the neighboring mountain. He shares this home with a handful of other powerful tanks who are his guards.   He is generally a patient and affable tank who enjoys the company of others, but also likes spending time alone. Prefers to settle arguments in reasonable ways that benefit both parties if possible.  

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in the Far Lands, in a now dead factory, he earned himself a reputation by being a skilled fighter. He joined a travelling merchant clan early on, working for them by acquiring parts and supplies wherever they wandered to. At some point, they ended up in the area near the Sundverk factory. The factory's Matchmakers were recovering from a raid and, having heard of Concord's extraordinary ability, asked him to join their ranks. He accepted.   While he was with them, he also managed their finances and trade relationships. He did a good job, but eventually decided that maintaining a factory that didn't produce anything was unprofitable. His suggestion to sell off its parts and rebuild it into a giant drive-in workshop was met with strict rejection.   He didn't quite agree with their decision but accepted it. The fact however that he had even suggested such a thing had made him quite unpopular, and he decided that it would be better to leave the organization. He left on - somewhat - good terms and instead became the shop owner he is today.  

Gender Identity


Morality & Philosophy

Doesn't really believe in a lot of things other than money. For him, ethics are optional, but personal gain is the imperative. This clashed with the beliefs of the other Matchmakers.   He is not above exploiting others for his own purposes, though he doesn't like the term "use" in this context. In his opinion, not every service requires a service in return.   Likes to call himself practical-minded, an euphemism for pragmatic - most possessions are expendable to him, and this extends to people.



Good at smooth-talking potential customers, but can talk with authority if he wants or needs to.
Current Residence
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Known Languages
Swedish, Norwegian

Comic: She could go on for a while.

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