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The Human-Trausnian war

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Adrian is a proud UNIDISC Space Marine, doing his part as a pilot of a Radiant-class Mechsuit to stave off the sudden attack of the genocidal Trausnian race upon the humanity. Fresh from training, and accompanied by his suit AI, A-35, he is sent to a sleepy science base upon an icy planet. However, a sudden Trausnian raid renders his suit disabled, trapping him in the snowy elements. He's about ready to give up when a lone Trausnian stumbles across him, and for some miraculous reason, instead of killing him, drags him to safety inside the remains of the destroyed base. . .   Blisk is a Trausnian soldier. Xe dedicates xir life to the eradication of Machines. Machines are a plague upon the universe, and it is the duty of the Trausnian race to across the galaxy to seek out and destroy any machines they find. The newest race of machines, called "Humanity" is proving to be particularly difficult to eradicate. Their Machine-Suits are actually a match for the physical prowess of Adapted Trausnian soldiers, and they are pervasive across numerous worlds. However, a sympathy for the machines begins to grow within Blisk's mind. A sympathy that leads xir to be left behind in the ruined remains of a successful attack on a human base. It is here that Blisk discovers the remains of a Machine-suit, and what xe finds within it will change the course of the Human-Trausnian war forever. . . if xe, the human called Adrian, and the horrible machine titled A-35 can learn to set aside their differences and work together.

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