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The Human Sectors of the Life and Death Saga

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The vast interstellar network of star systems on the Orion Arm of the Milky Way galaxy, which, as of the latter half of 22nd century, is almost fully inhabited and controlled by humanity. It is a realm controlled by massive corporate entities and predominantly holds an arrogant culture that believes our technology already holds all the answers we need.   They have denounced the old Earth and its backward ways in favor of more novel and progressive alternatives of doing things. For the masses at large, but even more so the farther a person is up the economic ladder, religion and spirituality have been cast aside in favor of hard science, technological luxuries, and rampant consumerism.   It is a realm that believes it already holds all the answers and wisdom it needs, and it is overdue for a wakeup call, for there is quite a lot hiding behind the supernatural veil.   This setting and its narrative were inspired by a vast variety of sources, including Spinward Fringe (a fantastic space opera series written and created by Randolph LaLonde that you should totally look up and read), Firefly, the progressive metal genre, 90's alternative rock and electronica, Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion, M83, Coldplay, The Mars Volta, anime as a genre, and last—but not least—the joys and pitfalls of young love.

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