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The Hub World

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Imagine a garden world. A world with two radiant suns that illuminate miles upon miles of ocean, lush with life. Creatures larger than any you’ve seen before swim in its depths and intelligent webs of plantlife float atop the water’s surface. Islands and continents rise from the sea, few and far between, but no less beautiful. Each is unique in its majesty – each an oasis for peoples as diverse as the sea is deep.   This… This is not that world. Open your eyes, traveler.   From the moment this planet formed, its parent stars burned too hot for life. Their fire tore away its surface for millions of years, the heat of the supergiant [star name] leaving little more than a burnt crust. It sat empty for eons, quiet and barren. And then one day, as all things go, that changed. [star name] reached the end of its life. Its death was spectacular and devastating, and it left behind something far scarier – a black hole. The world cooled, and its orbit continued slowly ‘round the singularity. The heat from the small star was low, by comparison, but just right. And so from a single death, life was born. And we will never forget.

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