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Homework for Summer Camp 24



Last year, I achieved Gold for the first time. Let's see if I can achieve Diamond this year. It will be challenging as I will be in the middle of moving to another country, selling my flat, and visiting friends in Wales.

However, worldbuilding will be totally focused on Alven and the Hollow Moons, book one in the trilogy. I will try to fit all the prompts within the articles I need to write to develop my writing.

Assignment 1 - Theme: Change

Change is a very good theme for the Hollow Moons. At the dawn of the industrial age, Alven society is undergoing many changes. The tug-and-pull between reactionary forces and the more 'enlightened' part of society is a huge theme throughout the trilogy.

List of Possible Articles

  • Arkivon Officers'Titles

  • Deerwolf (endangered species)

  • Swearwords (societal changes)

  • Social Justice (clanbearers' roles)

  • Flo's Book of Healing (forward-thinking)

  • Healers' Craft (changing fast)

  • Assignment 2 - The Pledge


    Assignment 3 - Categories and Tags

    I am pretty happy with the organization of categories within the world of the Hollow Moon. I do not think I will change anything this Summer Camp. I worked on these a lot last year, and I do not think I need to tweak any at the moment. I have no uncategorized articles, so everything is good to go.

    My homework is to read all my articles again to immerse myself in the world and remember what I have written!

    Assignment 4 - Meta Primer

    I have just gone over the Meta article for the Hollow Moons. Nothing has changed - I am still developing the world where my books will be set.

    The only note I will make is that it is a long process. As I write the book, I find I need to delve deeper into the society my characters live in. It's fascinating but oh so time-consuming. This has led me to think that I will be writing different books and series based on that world in the future, and I already have some ideas for a fantasy-thriller-crime series based in Alven, too.

    WEEK 2

    Assignment 1 - Theme: Refuge

    This is a more difficult theme for the Hollow Moons as there are few refuges in these times of turmoil—and that is the point. Characters are thrown into events they cannot escape and run from and to. The places they considered safe are not anymore, and their world has been torn upside down.

    As it stands, the precarious refuges the characters will find in the story are situated in:

  • Armotorr (Sanctuary ) and its people: Woden Feldnor, Mielika Swanth, Cardeen Guinan

  • Whylfhom (Keep) and its people: Val Heathmor

  • The Marshland Clans (Reivers) and their people: Sage Wearall

  • The village of Wylside and its people: Trink Passen, Marlin Wearall-Passen

  • Assignment 2 - Community

    The community is an important part of being on Worldanvil. To be honest, it is one of the reasons I am not moving my world to Obsidian. It is one of the few added 'extras' from being on Worldanvil and balances out the inconveniences.

    I am not always in contact with the community, but during Summercamp or when I have a burst of activity on the site, I choose to go to Twitch and find like-minded streamers who are part of the community.

    I have found that listening to people writing and streaming helps my productivity. So, many thanks to the Worldanvil streamers out there, you are truly helping and are a great asset to the community. See you soon. :D

    Assignment 3/4 - Styling and CSS

    Styling on Worldanvil - I feel a rant coming on. I will keep it brief.

    If something will push me out of this site, it is the styling. I am not in a position to engage with CSS at the moment: no time and - perhaps - no inclination.

    I love seeing what people can do with CSS, and I like reading some of the exceptional articles people can concoct with it. However, it is frustrating that no more time and resources are spent on the styling options on the main page. The styles on that front page have been the same for months now, and for a site like Worldanvil, they are very limited and limiting.

    Introducing new and fresh style sheets in that section (maybe one monthly?) will go a long way to satisfying people like me who are not engaging with CSS at any level.  

    in the meantime, I have decided to keep it simple until I find a style sheet I can get behind. The Notebook styling goes very well with my Alven banner and is easy to read - so let's keep it like that.

    I will do what works for me: a quick, simple, but effective layout. I usually include pictures, some Canva-made banners and titles, and if I have time, I will enjoy making a map or two with Inkarnate.

    WEEK 3

    Assignment 1 - Theme: Belief

    I feel very positive about that theme. Changing beliefs are at the heart of the story I am trying to write. Articles I plan to do that will fit in within that theme will be:
  • Healing and Healer's Crafts
  • Swearwords in Alven
  • Clan Ceremonies and Rituals

  • Assignment 2 - Inspiration: Music, Quotes etc.

    I have created a Pomodoro music playlist on Spotify and started Character's playlists. Here is a preview of Flow's playlist. You might not have heard these songs before but they are gorgeous and just the right mood for my main character. More to be added, of course.

    Flow's Playlist:

    1 - Evenly by De Rosa
    2 - Sun Gangs by The Veils
    3 - Children of the Sun by Thomas Bergersen
    4 - Serpents by Sharon Van Etten
    5 - I Lived my Life to Stand in the Shadow of your Love by A Place to Bury Strangers
    6 - Goshens Remains by Pure Reason Revolution
    7- Acts of Man by Midlake
    8- She Wants by Metronomy
    9- Does Anyone Love Me? by Blue Roses
    10- Combat Baby by Metric

    Assignment 3 - Art, Pictures, Map

    That's a doozy! I'm making a mood board at the moment for one of the novel's key locations: Denholm Keep, the ancestral home of the Wylfdon clan. I might even do a map ...

    Assignment 4 - Old Inspiration

    This whole Summer Camp will be about revisiting the 'old' and giving more depth and meaning to the world I am writing in. Wish me luck with inspiration!
    I have read a few novels that still inspire me to write. Michael J. Sullivan's work is still my biggest inspiration for Alven. I love 'Legends of the First Empire' and would love to be able to write something similar.

    Also, I love certain tropes, and I will ensure they are revisited and added to the storyline. I think the main thing is to know the trope and to keep it fresh, add a twist. Here is the list (not exhaustive, by far):

  • quests and side quests

  • a redemption arc or an antagonist turned ally

  • powerful artefacts

  • mythical and/or fantastical creatures

  • ancient ruined cities

  • animal companions

  • enemies to lovers

  • reluctant and/or outcast hero

  • grey characters

  • the Mentor

  • the Evil Corporation/Organisation

  • political machinations (of all kinds!)

  • the Fool and/or Trickster

  • the Doomed Prince (or young man)

  • libraries

  • the Plucky Princess

  • the Thief and/or Rogue

  • the prophecy and/or mystery

  • the Ancient Power (Great Old one)

  • hidden powers or truth

  • the forbidden forest

  • nature magic (anything nature)

  • portals

  • skyships

  • Knightly Orders (the Knight Errant is one of my favourite tropes of all time)

  • dungeons and/or labyrinths (I've spent too much time playing Dnd, lol)

  • bittersweet endings

  • The tropes I am not keen on or hate and that will not make an appearance:
  • the Chosen One (I am so fed up with this one. Meh)

  • the Evil Overlord (so corny if done badly)

  • Secret Heir to the Throne (nope)

  • Soulmates or Fated Mates (what's the fun in that?)

  • Coming of Age (yep, none of that teenage angst, it's so fake anyway)

  • the Damsel in Distress (really?)

  • killing the gays (mine will be very much alive and kicking)

  • Week 4

    Assignment 1: Decay

    What a great theme. This is going to be amazing. I am a sucker (as seen in the above list of tropes) for decaying ancient civilisation, cities and sites.
    I am also thinking about darker horrors like decaying flesh. This theme is going to be so much fun.

    Assignment 2: Workspace

    To be honest, I am a 'mood writer', so as long as I have my laptop in front of me, all is good. I like to change rooms and places to write. I find that new surroundings often energise me and help me to focus. I like to write on my bed (as of now), then maybe move to the living room, or even take the laptop to the coffee shop.

    A new strategy that has kept me going for the last year or so is having a writing journal. This is a must for me. I am far more productive if I write down a plan for the week or the day. It's all about lists, baby. I started a new writing journal last month, so right in time for Summer Camp and the mad worldbuilding that will happen within the next few weeks!

    Assignment 3: Review World Homepage

    Done, it will stay minimalist with just a picture for each article and maybe a new map. Let's not talk about CSS anymore.

    Assignment 4: Author Profile

    Well, not much to add really. Maybe in a year's time, there will be more to add to the bio, hopefully. 
    As for the pillar articles, the only thing I intend to work on during Summer Camp is the timeline: maybe priority one.  

    Homework done! Can't wait for the prompts.  Good luck, everyone. 


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    Jun 10, 2024 15:39 by Marjorie Ariel

    Good luck with Diamond! I kind of feel you on the community and the styling points. I've played around with CSS a bit, but I have a bit of a binge and purge relationship with all things internet, so I don't typically have the time and energy to mess with it. This is also why I'm not in the community much, but I tend to come back and get involved in the summer. Looking forward to reading what you put out this July!

    Jun 10, 2024 21:41 by Laure Yates

    Thanks for reading and the encouragement! Good luck with Summercamp. :D