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Lorekeepers Timeline

Aevum Prima

The first thousand fortunate years of humanity, when all was perfect in the world. Also known as the First Age, the Gilded Years, The Hour's of Concordance, Humanity's First Day, the Golden Hour.

  • 100 A.P.


    100 A.P.



    Illuvial Genesis
    Geological / environmental event

    The Regents offer the Illuvium to the Materium as a gift to celebrate humankind’s 100th year.

  • 700 A.P.


    Arrival of the Do'Sumai
    Cultural event

    The Primordium, in conjunction with On, bring to life a third race to tend to the core of the Erebor.

The Ashcurse

1000 P. A. 1116 P. A.

The interregnum when the world was coated in ashen skies. Sometimes referred to by historians as the First Casualty, and occasionally called the Silences by the devout.

  • 0 F.C.


    The Ashcurse
    Disaster / Destruction

    The Nameless One dooms Halûme forever by shattering the Erebor crystal.

  • 102 F.C.


    Birth of the Eternal Empress
    Life, Birth

    The elva who would rule over the Shrouded Empire is born in the wake of the Ashcurse

Aevum Secunda

1117 P. A. 38689 P. A.

When the ash cleared from the skies, the remnants of civilization attempted to recover from the fallout. Magic was gone, and with it, the spirit which separated the Knowing from the animal. Also known as the Age of Deserts, the Time Between Thought, and the Age of the Dark Sun.

  • 323 A.S.

    Exile of the Do'Sumai
    Population Migration / Travel

    The surviving Do'Sumai travel the tunnels from the heart of the world towards the surface.

  • 1100 A.S.

    Sanguine Magick
    Discovery, Scientific

    the elves discover the ability to drain living things of their energies

  • 3094 A.S.


    Founding of the Shrouded Empire

    The eternal empress expands her reach, and the shrouded empire is born.

  • 3280 A.S.


    Chromatics Leave Sudar
    Population Migration / Travel

    Chromatic dragons, who were supposed to protect and guide mortals, leave Sudar to fly through the astral darkness beyond.

  • 4096 A.S.

    Discovery of the Veldt
    Discovery, Exploration

    Do'Sumai led by House Cherish are led to a hidden promise. They settle it and become agrarian folk, protected by the angels.

  • 12371 A.S.

    Ur-Mana Cisterns
    Discovery, Scientific

    Descendents of the exiled Do'Sumai discover city-sized geodes, remnants of the cataclysmic mana storms. Investigating, they find tiny mana pools in their centers.

  • 16918 A.S.

    Do'Sumai Descendents Experiment with Crystal
    Discovery, Scientific

    Scientific breakthroughs in mana collection return small measures of sanity to the Do'Sumai.

  • 19950 A.S.

    27649 A.S.

    The Drakenfall
    Military action

    Chromatics return from their foray into the Arcane Sea, forever twisted and cursed. They rain from the sky, meteors of death. The war of dragons begins.

  • 25809 A.S.

    Creation of the Dragonborn
    Military action

    In their thirst for destruction the chromatics create the dragonborn, mindless husk shock-troopers to do take control of the powers of the Knowing.

  • 27649 A.S.

    Metallics Seal the Chromatics
    Era beginning/end

    In one final stroke, the metallics seal away the chromatics with their final magical reserves. They too become like beasts.

  • 32197 A.S.

    Exiled Micah discovers the Gnomes
    Era beginning/end

    Mica stumbles on the gnomes, a sect of Do'Sumai descendants that have subsisted in the dark on crystal alone.

  • 32224 A.S.

    Gathering of the Houses
    Gathering / Conference

    The remaining houses of legion convene at Micah's call. He tells them of what may and must come, and what the gnomes discovered.

  • 32258 A.S.

    Founding of Oberiska

    Under agreement from the gnomes, the angels aid in the founding of the first and last bastion against the age of the Dark Sun.

  • 36840 A.S.

    Tiriroe Rockfoot Adminesteri Develops Netting
    Scientific achievement

    Tiri changes history forever when she discovers the strength of leylines is not in the crystals but in their arrangement. Fields become more powerful on the scale of magnitudes, almost overnight.

  • 37380 A.S.

    Spire of Creativity
    Construction beginning/end

    Under the guidance of the brilliant Tiri, the Knowing remnant dwelling in Oberiska works tirelessly to divert all netting into one era-defining undertaking: hooking the divine tributary of Creativity. They are successful, changing history forever.

  • 37425 A.S.

    37518 A.S.

    Shrouded Empire Retaliation
    Military action

    Under the Eternal Empress' eye the elves tear into the forces of Oberiska, desiring to take the spire for themselves

  • 37518 A.S.

    The Truce of Spires
    Political event

    With the promise of peace, the gnomes convince the elves to lay down their weapons in exchange for a spire of their own. Tiri's last efforts in life will be to oversee its construction.

Aevum Tertius

When the divine levy broke and released eons of withheld magics, the world was overswept with tumultuous energies. And while the people of Halûme were grateful for the mana, they were not equipped to handle their newfound power. Sometimes referred to as the Clarion Call, the Years of Growth, and the Age of Mending.

  • 1982 A.T.


    Arrival of the Mast
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    The Mast, an impenetrable tower of magic stone and a small town before it, appears overnight in the northwestern region of Everast. Groups of scientists shortly investigate.