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The Golden Nation

By Carter

Featured in Lorekeepers episode 8 and episode 9.  

Roarark. Be thee atop the shining towers of the Capital, or be thee amongst the training grounds of House Casila, thee can only see greatness. Tis not the greatness of the ocean, nor of the sky. Tis the only greatness attainable by mortals, and the greatness only attainable by mortals. The Golden Hour is forever lost, but such an echo as there might be exists here, in the Golden Nation.
  - Gallis Teltenfore, Chosen of Muse


~70% Elves, ~15% Dwarves, ~10% Gnomes, ~5% Other


Meritocratic Representative Council composed of representatives from each House


House Denais oversees the export of magical artefacts and exquisite jewelry amongst other goods


Great wealth, Hordes of magical weapons and armor, assorted knowledge and artefacts from the Golden Hour

Guilds and Factions

Major Houses

  • House Aliker : Diplomats, Bureaucrats, Curators
  • House Casila: Military, Border security
  • House Denais: Trading, Citizen-prospectors
  • House Zau: Enchantment, Mage training

Minor Houses

  • House Aretus: Arms & Armor
  • House Listole: Knowledge keeping
  • House Kulius: Foodstuff
  • House Sollicer: Artists & Musicians
  • House Tresent: Jewelers & Sculptors
  • House Messenes: Masons & Architects
National Territory
Coryn Aliker

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