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Prognin, Father of Law, the Great Geometer and Keeper of the High Form

If Muse is the eternal Question, then Prognin embodies the eternal Answer. In many ways counterpart to the Lady Dancer, the Keeper of the High Forms represents law, reason, and structure. Though Prognin is not one to carry out law save for the rarest of events, it is said that he is responsible for its construction. And while civilized rule is within his jurisdiction, Prognin's followers concern themselves with philosophy, mathematics, and the nature of existence itself.   Prognin is the champion of that which Is, and in many ways is seen as the universal architect. For some sects of his church, they merit the Keeper with On's creation, and in some cases equate him with the Maker god Themselves. Whatever their perspectives, many houses of philosophy and colleges of justice have been constructed in honor of Prognin.   To the commoner, Prognin is patronized to see justice come in family feuds, and is entreated when random acts of destruction such as natural disasters or marauders attack townships. Laborers bless Prognin for establishing the incessance of time, the cycle of seasons, and the promise of another day. In many ways Prognin’s actions are seen as the bedrock of Halûme; without him at the helm, existence itself would be impossible.   It is for this reason that the devoted of the Great Geometer often swear vows of enmity against the Nameless One and the Howling Void. In past aevum need occasionally arose for philosopher-warriors to take up theoretical arms against the aberrant forces of unreason and the impossible geometries that flow thereout into creation, threatening the fabric of existence. If Halûme is all that Is, the Howling Void is all that is Not, and as such the lawless eldritch un-forms of the Void are apostate and heretical. This has caused no small contention among warlocks who patronize the forces of the Great Old Ones.

Divine Domains

Civilization, Faith

Divine Classification

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