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Ifzun, Archon of Perfection, Regentess of the Pinnacles, the Immaculate Patternmaker

Of the Regents of the Animus, none so greatly exaggerate the gap between mortality and the immortal soul the way Ifzun does. Historically the church of Ifzun characterizes her as the first Daughter of On, and also the firstborn progeny of the Creator. Some sects even go so far as to say that she is immutable with the nature of On himself, a leftover skein of His power that remains to act as a beacon of light in a cosmos of confusion.   Followers of Ifzun treat perfection as a pursuit, not a goal. They believe that the greatest virtue in life is to be perfect and flawless, and if everyone simply pursued their own self-betterment in every way, the whole world would benefit. Without one specific calling in life, Ifzun’s followers are frequently found in spheres of production such as artisanry and the trades of the hand. Indeed, it is quite common to begin guildhall meets with an invocation and prayer to Ifzun, thanking her for the Eternal Pursuit.

Divine Domains

Life, Light

Divine Classification

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