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The conflicts of the whole of Sudar may very well be summed up in troubles of Everast. Egocentric? Maybe. But I don't see anywhere else that can claim the same.
– Hani Keoka


see Everast   The continent of Everast is composed of myriad different biomes. Extending from latitudes that near the equator at the southern-most tip of Sardorad to the arctic climes of the north, these lands are inhabited by all manner of the Knowing, though primary demographic breakdown can be organized into human, elven, dwarvish, and dragonborn and gnomish holds.   The southern edge of Everast wraps around Fenislil, the landlocked ocean at the heart of the supercontinent Um'Dara, and is bordered similarly along the eastern coasts by the large sea that eventually gives way to the Frigid Northwaters as they pass the Rapier coast. There are no formal borders to the east and north; the geography to the east degrades into large swaths of sour dirt and empty space where few of the knowing choose to make their home. This is marked doubly true for the northern edge as it passes into lands that never thaw.

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