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Church of Fenislil-Tané


Fenislil-Tané has a vibrant following, and is one of the most commonly patroned gods among the lower pantheons. Due to their natural domains of the ocean and forests, people whose livelihoods depend on either will look to the gods for guidance to sources of food, or to lead them safely from a storm or out of a winding wood.   The church of Fenislil-Tané is bisected into two major divisions, one for each manifestation of the dual-god. Their churches can regularly be found all over Everast and beyond, particularly in forested areas and along coasts. Depending on the inhabitants of the local region and the building practices, these places of patronage can look vastly different from each other; a church to Fenislil may be magically submerged in the bay of a massive city, or a simple altar made from driftwood on a shore. Walking through a deep and magical grove may reveal a chapel sung from the wood of ancient oaks, or a small lean-to made of fallen trees.  

Common Practices

For those who enter the clergy it is customary to be inducted among first one deity, shortly followed by another. During these first years the young student may travel to many different locations as the church seeks to provide the novice with a wide view of the world. If the novice has the propensity for magic, this traveling teaching includes lessons in schools of faith-based magic that typically include healing, divination, enchanting and charm.   When a novice has passed initiation and entered into the clergy, they are typically assigned to practice in a region of their choosing. From that point on the student is known as an initiate.  

Aquatic Elves

Among the myriad who patron Fenislil-Tané, none may be so peculiar as the aquatic elves of the Drowned Isles. Deep beneath the ocean waves the aquatic elves have claim to the Oceanmother.   TBC.

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