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Autar, High General of the Heavens, Argence of the Downtrodden and Hammer of On

Among the gods of the Etherium , no being carries greater clout among the stalwart, the warrior, and the strategist quite like Autar. It is said that when On formed all he delegated Autar to be the shield between all that Is and all that is Not. To this day it is said that Autar’s Houses sally the gap between creation and the Howling Void riding on celestial mounts and carrying dread weaponry at the ready to cut down aberrations that may try to wind their way into our world.   To those with a pure (or at least humble) heart, Autar represents a champion who will protect and serve, a guarantee of safety from the dangers that rustle at the edge of a village. Churches and altars alike invoke Autar’s authority, especially in communities of the poor.   As the regent of war, many facets of martial society are attributed to him. It is in fact in the name of Autar that knighthood was created, representing the same protection that the regent himself would carry was his throne among mortals. There was a time when all knights took a vow of protection and solidarity in the name of Autar, a knighthood that knew no regional boundaries. They were instead brothers and sisters that recognized no authority Autar’s own. Should any of their order attempt to take advantage of their role, their position would be cut down and brought before a martial court of their siblings.   In the modern era, chivalry looks quite different. While there yet still exist orders of knights who carry Autar’s sigil on their shield, most fight for a different master.

Divine Domains

War, Trickery

Divine Classification

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